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Amish Tripathi’s Sita tops the

bestseller lists for the year to date in India, being the only title to have sold in excess of 100,000 copies in the period covered

They seem to be going through a health kick Down Under—The Clever Guts Diet is in 10th place, with The CSIRO Low-Carb Diet, the national science agency’s guide to manag- ing both diabetes and weight gain, in sixth. No fads, wellness bloggers or Instagram trainers for the Aussies: their biggest diet book hits are writen by actual doctors. Australia, in contrast to the UK, has definitely not had enough of experts: its number one title, carrying over from 2016, is Scot Pape’s The Bare- foot Investor, with 256,005 copies sold. Offering “five steps to financial free- dom in your 20s and 30s”, if Australia dodges the next global recession, this book will probably be the reason why. South Africa also backs its own,

Enjoying the Trip

Patriotism is the order of the day, or year to date, in Australia, South Africa and India, with all three territories backing native authors over imports. Kiera O’Brien reports


eight were writen by Aussies. In particular, Liane Moriart has broken out on to the worldwide stage this year, and four of her titles are in the chart—Big Little Lies, which benefited from an Emmy-winning HBO adapta- tion featuring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, hits the top 10 twice. Only two Brits make the chart— Paula Hawkins with Into the Water and Dr Michael Mosley with The Clever Guts Diet, writen with Tanya Borowski. That’s a remarkably small figure for a market oſten dominated by UK and US authors at the expense of homegrown talent.


USTRALIA IS NOT afraid to back its own. Of its 10 top-selling books for the year to date,

Wine Guide 2017 is in 45th place.

In contrast, India ast, India

is all about the fiction. Amish Tripathi’ Sita: Warrior of Mithila

the fiction. athi’s

swiped the territory’sy’’s number one spot,

Mithila territory e spo

12th October 2017

with Wilbur Smith and David Church- ill’s War Cry hiting fourth place and Trevor Noah, host of late-night US comedy “The Daily Show”, scoring fiſth place with his memoir. However, US author Sherryl Woods has broken through—the romance author’s Court- ing the Enemy hits eighth place in the South African chart, and she is the only non-native author to do so. While Afrikaans/English diction- aries and drivers’ manuals domi- nate the South African top 10, the wider bestseller chart is packed with modern history and politics books. Hennie van Vuuren’s Apartheid, Guns and Money: A Tale of Profit is in 11th, with Pieter Louis-Myburgh’s The Republic of Gupta: A Story of State Capture—about a pair of businessman brothers with strong influence over recent presidents—just below, in 12th. Sixteenth-placed political biogra- phy No Longer Whispering to Power is about former public protector Thuli Mandonsela, who faced vicious criti- cism aſter accusing President Zuma of corruption—a charge that was later upheld. And for some light relief, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s The Book of Joy hit 15th place. The Rainbow Nation is also the only rit y with a wine guide 0—Platter’s South Afican 7

Nielsen territory with a wine guide in its top 50—Platter’s South Afican 2017

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