Retirement living models

to easy access to onsite flexible care that adapts to their changing needs. A recent landmark study – published

in JAMA Network Open – which questioned more than 6,000 people found pensioners who feel they have a purpose in life have “double the chance” of enjoying a long retirement. That is something that extra-care living can help with. Ordinarily, the model offers easy access

to communal facilities, encouraging residents to meet other people, make friends and socialise, allowing them to carry on life as normal, and helping to give them that sense of purpose. With one of the biggest causes of ill-

health among older people being depression linked to loneliness, this feeling of being part of a community means there is also a much lower probability of this occurring in an extra- care environment. Of course, the present coronavirus

restrictions and the emphasis on social distancing limits the amount of interaction between residents currently offered in an extra-care facility. However, those living within one are still very much part of that community and – a key point - they will be in a community that respects the rules.

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One of the great difficulties of

applying lockdown measures is that it relies on altruism - people giving things up to support the wellbeing of others in wider society. Sadly, not everyone is willing to

comply. Within an extra-care community however, the majority of residents will have similar concerns and similar appreciation for the risks involved, therefore helping to reduce them. During lockdown, an immediate move

into an extra-care development might not be possible for everyone but people can still initiate the process, such as making an offer on a property and allowing the legal necessities to get underway. That way,

they can move in swiftly once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Lockdown workarounds Given we are likely to face a series of lockdowns, that could allow residents to move in ahead of the next lockdown – helping to put them in a place better suited to social distancing. For a few, such as where the purchase

or tenancy process was underway before lockdown and where it is in the best interest of the buyer or tenant to move out of an unsuitable property into the more supportive environment of an extra-care development then exceptions can be made.

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