What’s up in Los Angeles THEN AND NOW Griffith Park

CIRCA 1940 Colonel Griffith Jenkins Griffith (real name, fake title he gave himself), mining magnate and philanthropist, donated 3,015 acres of land to become Griffith Park back in 1896. Later he also contributed funds to construct the observatory, shown here shortly after opening in 1935. During World War II, the observatory’s planetarium was considered so advanced that it was used to train military pilots.


Griffith said he wanted the park to always remain “a resort for the rank and file, for the plain people.” And the people—plain and otherwise— continue to enjoy his gifts to the city. The observatory, now one of L.A.’s most iconic landmarks, has famously appeared in movies from Rebel Without a Cause to the Terminator series. According to L.A.’s film- permitting office, Griffith Park is the busiest shooting location in the city, touting 346 production days a year.



Here’s the best of what Los Angeles has been Instagramming lately.

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