6 Autonomous shipping is a game-changer and a great opportunity for the industry With an increasing demand for further efficiency, higher productivity and improved safety, autonomous shipping studies and projects are growing. Report interviews Marnix Krikke, Innovation & Human Capital Director from Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) about recent full-scale trials.

9 Digital twinning in harsh weather MARIN is set to carry out the full-scale monitoring and develop the digital twin of a

floating wind prototype off the west coast of Ireland.

10 First ever autonomous vessel trials held in the North Sea by a Dutch consortium As part of the Autonomous Shipping JIP, a unique series of autonomous operations’ trials were prepared in the MARIN bridge simulator and held at sea. A number of challenging nautical scenarios were executed to determine how a vessel interacts with seagoing traffic.

12 Elements of Smart Shipping Here we highlight MARIN’s work regarding situational awareness and remote

control & monitoring.

14 MARIN develops a modular Autonomous Underwater Vehicle MARIN is building a mAUV in order to gain a better understanding of the challenges

involved in autonomous sailing.

16 Virtual monitoring added to our portfolio of services MARIN is now combining decades of developments in hydrostructural tools with online

wave hindcast models to perform virtual monitoring.

18 Voyage scenario simulation with Gulliver Voyage scenario simulations are extensively used nowadays to answer questions in an

early ship design phase. MARIN’s voyage scenario simulation tool ‘Gulliver’ has been modernised to meet today’s ship modelling standards.

20 Do It project - catching waves at 30 knots! The ‘Do It’ project aims to increase the operability of small boat operations by the

forward prediction of vessel motions using radar remote sensing of the waves.

21 WINDLASS JIP: a better grip on high windage vessels Recent incidents indicate that limiting wind conditions are reached earlier than in the

past. In May, the WINDLASS JIP was launched to investigate this challenging issue.

22 In-depth study of shallow water A number of studies have cast a new light on ship resistance in shallow water.

Dear Reader,

Working at MARIN is a great job. Yes, we have boring meetings and make long hours, but we also have a lot of fun days. Let me share a couple of examples.

One was the first testing day of our modular (or MARIN) Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. A team of 20 people developed the mAUV, based on our combined submarine hydrodynamics’ experience and Dynamic Positioning knowledge. Of course, not everything worked well from the start but it was certainly fun seeing the mAUV performing all types of underwater manoeuvres at the click of a switch: our mAUV as a dancing underwater drone!

Another exciting day was when we tested the ‘ship of the future’. We thought we should not look back, but forward when we tested the 10,000th


model last year. So we asked the children of the Netherlands to design their ‘ship of the future’. We got more than 100 responses, from ships with solar panels, sails, wind turbines and hydrogen engines, to ships being used as floating hospitals for sea mammals, theme parks and chill- or escape rooms. And naturally, smart autonomous ships with radars and cameras.

We decided to combine the best ideas into a MARIN model. This remarkable vessel is essentially a Sailfish (or Marlin) turned into a containership, with a moving tail for propulsion and steering and shark skin for reduced drag. The sail of the fish was made from solar panels so it could be used for both wind assistance and solar power.

These children had also followed the news and realised that a containership had lost more than 300 containers off the Dutch coast earlier in the year. Their solution was simple: nets along the ship to catch any containers that fall overboard.

So the ‘ship of the future’ sailed at MARIN first! Just another fun day at the office…

Bas Buchner President



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