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6 Future proofing fish farming Two revolutionary offshore concepts tested in MARIN’s basin. Report interviews Kåre Olav

Krogenes, General Manager of Viewpoint Seafarm, and Odd Stensland, Production Manager of Nova Sea AS.

10 The blue future: Horizon 2020 project Space@Sea MARIN together with 16 partners, sets out to provide sustainable and affordable

workspace at sea by examining floating modular solutions.

12 Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion Design Explorations A recent project related to ships using WASP concerned the influence of a ship’s main

particulars on overall performance.

14 Multi-use concept development for seaweed and floating solar energy production around wind turbines Combining wind with solar energy and seaweed production promises to make a more efficient use of offshore space and assets. But how do combine these different functionalities?

16 Close cooperation in China Highlights of some recent projects MARIN carried out together with our Chinese partners.

18 Exploring the potential of floating solar energy Model tests, numerical simulations and full-scale measurements underway to examine

the opportunities brought by floating solar energy.

20 Tackling the growing plastic pollution problem MARIN carries out successful towing and seakeeping tests on The Ocean Cleanup

System 001.

22 Assessing the impact of offshore wind farms in the North Sea MARIN examines all the scheduled wind farms up until 2030, their impact on the layout of the North Sea, and on the safety of shipping.

24 MARIN assists in the transition to zero-emission inland shipping MARIN is investigating the transition towards zero-emission inland shipping in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water.

26 New Zero Emissions Lab for pioneering research MARIN develops a research and configuration test environment: the Zero Emission Lab.

Bas Buchner President

Dear Reader,

On November 9 we celebrated a major milestone: MARIN model number 10,000 was tested! It is a symbolic number, because actually we have tested many more models. But still it was an important moment to look back and consider the many iconic ships and structures that have been tested in our facilities, such as the Australia 2, Queen Mary 2 and the Troll Gravity Base Structure.

Will we ever reach model number 20,000? I am pretty sure we won’t. In this time of digitalisation the number of models will only reduce. But they will become more complex and complete. New optimisation techniques will allow the flexible exploration of completely new areas of design.

So after 10,000 models it is more important to look forward than to look back. Beyond the horizon. There are many challenges ahead of us in the fields of clean, and safe shipping and the sustainable use of the seas.

There are also many challenges related to the security of the seas. MARIN model 10,000 was the new Combat Support Ship for the Royal Netherlands Navy. Our relationship is already very old. In 1933, Model 28 was the first model we tested for our Navy. Since then all of its ships have been tested at MARIN.

We see it as our responsibility to develop effective and innovative navy ships with the maximum and safe operational effectiveness. We do that with a focus on both the ship and its crew. New simulation and Virtual Reality technology even allows us to sail on the ship with the designers and crew long before the ship is completed and built.

So it was an honour to have the Commander of our Royal Netherlands Navy, Vice Admiral Rob Kramer, at the virtual bridge of his future Combat Support Ship, sailing his new ship - the Zr.Ms. Den Helder - into the naval port of Den Helder!



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