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“One of the more important changes in technology is telemat- ics,” Brewington observed. “This gives technicians advance notice of potential problems. They can receive alerts about diagnostic trouble codes, changes in engine temperature, oil pressure, etc., all from their smart- phone or computer. This advance, remote notice allows personnel responding to service calls the op- portunity to have an idea of what the problem is before being dispatched or ever arriving at the bus.” He added that training is another

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Pre/Post-Trip Inspection GPS Location Tracking

Student Tracking/ Authorization

Automated Reports

Routing Software and SIS Integration

Turn-by-turn Directions coming this Fall

tremendous advancement brought on by changes in technology. Brewington said that technicians today can easily research forums, YouTube videos, or manufacturer websites for the latest information and processes. This, he said, greatly increases the tech’s knowledge and makes it easier for them to share information with others. “This technology isn’t only a benefit to the technician in diagnosing prob- lems, but it also affords the product manufactures the ability to provide the latest and most relevant data to service personnel,” he shared. Meanwhile, Brewington said the

nationwide mechanic shortage has af- fected South Carolina in different ways. Rural areas tend to have fewer chal- lenges, while closer to the state capital of Columbia, where he works, BMW’s U.S. manufacturing plant and and Mi- chelin’s facility compete for talent. “This competition for qualified


22 School Transportation News • AUGUST 2020

workers puts us at a huge disadvan- tage,” Brewington explained. “Young employees today didn’t really grow up repairing mechanical things like we did years ago. This has led to a shortage of people with any sort of mechani- cal background. When you combine that with the lure of higher salaries, controlled environmental conditions, and equal or better benefits, it becomes very difficult to compete.” Brewington said he has been blessed and humbled throughout his career to serve generations of schoolchildren. He added that it’s

been his pleasure to play a role in their educational journey, and he feels fortunate to have met some great people along the way. “I just hope that I’ve somehow been able to share and teach those that I’ve came in contact with a fraction of what they have shared and taught me,” Brewington said. “I would also be remiss if I didn’t say thank you to our current state Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman. She has not only been a true and dedicated advocate for pub- lic education but remains one of the biggest supporters of pupil transpor- tation that I have known during my entire 50-year career.” He said that during Spearman’s

tenure, the state has purchased ap- proximately 3,000 new buses, adding that the state has come a long way in terms of transportation under her watch. South Carolina has historical- ly run school buses that were at least 20 years old. Brewington said that Spearman has committed herself to the state’s pupil transportation pro- gram, and because of that the future generation of students will contin- ue to arrive safely and on-time to school and home each day. Brewington holds various techni-

cal training certifications including school bus brakes and inspections. He is currently responsible for performing all the annual service and inspections at one of the South Carolina Depart- ment of Education’s 42 school bus maintenance shops. Brewington has trained, taught and mentored count- less young technicians throughout his career, not only on surface mainte- nance information, but also on how to selfishly serve the student transporta- tion industry. “Without a doubt he is a true Garage

Star,” said Mike Bullman, director for maintenance at the South Carolina Department of Education. ●

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