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Polynesians have been greeting visitors for centuries with open arms, broad smiles, generous souls, and an infectious lyrical mirth. Tis spirit infuses every aspect of life aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin. As the leading specialist to French Polynesia and the South Pacific, Paul Gauguin Cruises can reveal this enchanting destination as no other cruise line can. As you cruise, you’ll enjoy a ship that is steeped in luxury and always leaves port with bearings set for one of the warmest, most exotic places on Earth.

Choose your perfect voyage from our wide-ranging selection of carefully tailored itineraries featuring hidden lagoons, historic gems, balmy trade winds, colorful cultures and cuisines, and, of course, plenty of relaxing downtime. And as you sail, enjoy exquisite, personalized service from our attentive crew, as well as luxurious amenities such as gourmet cuisine, an onboard pool, and a pampering spa.

Our guests often tell us it is our hospitality and superb attention to detail they remember most about their stay with us, and we look forward to extending the generous and openhearted spirit of the Polynesian people to you.

Closer Than You Think

Te ultimate escape from everyday cares, Tahiti and French Polynesia are actually in the same time zone as Hawaii and only two hours further away. Once there, you’ll enjoy unmatched, up-close views of one of the world’s most beautiful destinations from a sleek and nimble ship designed specifically to sail these seas.

HAWAII Only 8.5 hours (nonstop) from Los Angeles/San Francisco to Papeete, Tahiti AUSTRALIA Papeete, Tahiti

Los Angeles San Francisco

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