You’ll embark your cruise on the largest island—Tahiti. Located halfway between Los Angeles and Sydney, the island of Tahiti is divided in two: Tahiti Nui in the northwest and Tahiti Iti on the southeastern peninsula.

Fittingly, your journey begins in the vibrant capital city of Papeete, where you can explore markets, museums, and galleries.

Awaiting in the harbor: the m/s Paul Gauguin.

Welcome aboard. Unpack. Settle in. Explore your exquisitely appointed home for the next seven days.

Sleep well. You’ve got quite a day tomorrow.


On select dates, Te Gauguin offers the unique opportunity to explore Tahiti Nui's younger sister, Tahiti Iti, whose name literally means "Little Tahiti." As the only cruise line that visits this unspoiled paradise, we offer you a front-row seat to everything this bewitching half of Tahiti offers, from authentic Polynesian culture to wild coastlines peppered with daredevil surfers. In these waters, it's best to sit by the shore with your camera and leave the feats of bravery to the locals.

16 Paul Gauguin Cruises | 2019 Voyages

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In the brilliant morning light, a palette of blues and greens greets you as Te Gauguin reaches her first port. Te excitement is tangible as guests gather on deck and snap pictures, lost in absolute wonder.

Huahine. “Te Garden Island.”

Lush rain forests, dramatic landscapes, and idyllic lagoons are just the beginning of one of French Polynesia’s best-kept secrets. Hidden temples embellished with rare orchids, romantic enclaves, and untouched hideaways await at every turn.

Te pace here is relaxed. Tranquility floats in the air. Serenity surrounds you like an embrace. Te splendor of the landscape playfully wrestles with the kaleidoscopic wonderland just beneath the surface of crystal waters. Let your own desires shape your day. Wander the village. Take in the spectacular views. Lounge on the beach.

TAHA’A [Motu Mahana]

You’ll know it’s near by the intoxicating scent of Tahitian vanilla in the air (80 percent of French Polynesian vanilla is grown here). Te tranquil island of Taha’a is not a mirage, but it seems like one. Volcanic hillsides burst with banana, watermelon, and pineapple. Nature’s bounty is matched by the opportunity for adventure. Come to dive, snorkel, sail, and explore. Visit a pearl farm to learn how Tahitian pearls are cultivated.

Motu Mahana. Ever have a friend with their own private South Seas island? Now you do. Just offshore of Taha’a lies Motu Mahana. A motu is a tiny island, and Mahana (literally, "Light of Sun or Day") is Te Gauguin’s own private paradise, exclusive to her guests. Beneath swaying palm trees, the day is yours to create. Snorkel surrounded by technicolor fish. Grab a kayak for a bit of exploring. Ashore, you may find a game of volleyball or watch your hosts, Les Gauguines and Les Gauguins, demonstrate how to open a coconut or tie a pareo. Indulge in an overwater massage. And when the mood strikes, a sumptuous barbecue feast awaits—complete with cocktails from full and floating bars.


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