Coronavirus communication update for customers Richard Stephenson CEO

I want to provide our customers with details of the actions we are taking to protect our business and by extension the services we deliver to you during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Keeping our staff safe and operational is our core focus. To that end, we have reviewed our working fromhome (WFH) capacity and the facilities available to staff for remote working. Weare fortunate that as a digital business, all our staff can operate successfully fromdiverse locations.

2. We have decided to invoke WFH on Tuesday 17thMarch for our London office until further notice and we are allowing the option elsewhere. This may change as events develop.

3. We do not expect any lack of focus fromthe teamnor on their capacity to provide the highest quality of service to you, our customers.

4. Staff will not be attending any conferences or events until June 2020 and not be undertaking any overseas travel on business. Meetings will be online using video teleconferencing or screen sharing wherever possible. Small meetings with clients will continue at this stage.

5. Staff have been provided with instructions on how best to avoid catching the virus and most importantly on what to do if they or their family display symptoms. As social distancing is an effective measure, staff are being encouraged to avoid mass transport systems andmoderate their social activity.

6. For many years Slack has been our main internal communication tool. This won’t change but we will be instigatingmore frequent video calls to combat silo working and isolation.

7. The YUDU Sentinel BC app provides all essential crisis communication tools and includes access to the KRTS mental health self-help videos.

8. Outlook: The crisis management division is expected to grow strongly during this period as the YUDU Sentinel platform is ideally suited to help businesses and communities communicate during an emergency. The Publishing Division expects physical distribution of publications to be disrupted and therefore a

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