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More and more biological samples are being transported within the UK and around the globe on a daily basis. These specimens fall under the Dangerous Goods Regulations since they may contain pathogens. Their transport is strictly controlled, and it is a legal and mandatory requirement to comply with the regulations.

Samples such as blood, tissue, excreta, secreta etc. from humans or animals (which are not assigned to Category A, Infectious Substances), are considered to be Category B Biological Substances. These are assigned to UN3373 and must be packaged according to the Dangerous Goods IATA or ADR Packing Instruction 650 for transport.

SpeciSafe robust secondary packaging containers from Alpha Laboratories, provide a convenient means for sample transport


Many small laboratories have to comply with a variety of regulatory requirements but often rely on paper recording of sample data and entering the test results into an Excel spreadsheet. Matrix Express is Autoscribe Informatics’ entry- level ‘Out of the box’ Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), and provides all the key functions expected of a LIMS for smaller organisations. Capabilities include sample/work registration, work list creation, result entry, result validation, sample approval and a comprehensive set of reports.

John Boother, President at Autoscribe Informatics, said: “Most small laboratories recognise that it

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regulatory compliance. The shock- resistant protective casing for primary containers guarantees compliance to UN3373 standards

would be much better if everything was logged in and recorded using a LIMS, but have concerns about cost. Matrix Express is not only extremely competitively-priced but has the benefit that it can be easily configured for any application. Equally important, laboratories using Matrix Express enjoy the same level of set-up and technical support from Autoscribe Informatics as would be expected for much larger and more complex installations. Not only that, for smaller labs that rely on a particular analyst for most of the testing, the use of Matrix Express could help to ensure that anyone new to the laboratory could easily follow all of the procedures.”

Matrix Express offers flexibility for single sample or batch registration, automatic sequential sample numbering, result entry by sample or test, multi-sample result entry, status by sample or test and much more.

when used with 95kPa vials. The simple, user-friendly, one piece package is quick and intuitive to use. It incorporates a unique ultra- absorbent gel block lining to soak up and retain any vial leakage, ensuring complete protection.

The extensive SpeciSafe range includes solutions for screw cap microtubes, serum vials, vacuum blood collection tubes, cryovials, Bijou and Universal containers, plus swabs/transport tubes. The clear plastic window means sample details and labels are visible and leakage can be detected prior to opening so appropriate precautions can be taken. The compliant flat pack design also reduces costs by minimising postage charges.

SpeciSafe is available as a complete ‘turnkey’ package, including UN3373 labelled polyethylene and Mail Tuff padded mailing envelopes. These can even be customised and ready labelled with your logo, address, Royal Mail business reply reference, etc. They make ideal packs for mailing clinical trials samples.

Report formats include certificate of analysis, turn-around time and sample audit trail. Whilst offering all the key functions expected of a LIMS, upgrades and additional modules are available to increase functionality at a later date if required.

“Matrix Express is in use in a wide variety of smaller organisations from single-analyst laboratories upwards, in both in-house and contract environments. It has also been purchased by an educational establishment to teach technicians of the future as part of a Chemical Laboratory Technician teaching programme,” continued John.

“Further details on the practical use of Matrix Express and our other Matrix products can be found in the numerous case studies available for download from our website.” resources/case-studies

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