Promoting winter health and hygiene

Here, Northwood discuss how their Leonardo range helps promote healthy, hygienic washrooms throughout the season.

As we enter the winter months, the link between the wellbeing of end users and away-from-home (AfH) washrooms should be a crucial consideration across all sectors of the economy, both public and private.

In the cold winter months, the chances of an increased spread of infection is particularly high, and this puts strain on workforces and the NHS. Research has proved that bacteria are primarily spread via the hands, and without the right hygiene practices, they can quickly promote widespread illness.

If end users do not have access to the right washroom dispensing system, they’re at risk of negating the hand washing process altogether, becoming more susceptible to infection and absence from work.

The impact of high rates of illness is felt not only at work but also in the NHS, where it increases the pressure on already limited bed numbers.

Created by well-established leading manufacturer of AfH professional paper hygiene and wiping products, Northwood, the high-capacity Leonardo brand of dispensers, paper products and soap was specifically developed to sustainably promote hygiene while achieving strong cost-in-use.

Launched in 1999, Leonardo has been satisfying the needs of washrooms throughout the economy for 20 years, and has become one of the most popular brands in the sector.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends single- use paper towels as the most hygienic method of hand- drying: while re-usable towels harbour germs, electronic hand-dryers can spread them through the air. The Leonardo system offers the choice of hand and roll paper towels, delivered via hygienic, wipe-clean dispensers.

All contact areas are treated with BioKleen technology, inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms. The dispensers are wipe-clean and lockable, enclosing towels until point of use and preventing theft and vandalism. Contactless dispensers are available, and individual hand towels are presented in single-sheet format, while roll towel solutions offer towel in or out options.

Leonardo dispenser soap also boasts strong hygiene credentials. It carries the BS EN 13727 rating, making it


suitable for clinical areas, and an antibacterial formulation – which kills 99.999% of bacteria – is also available.

Leonardo’s paper and soap products maximise the dispensers’ high capacity and consumption is controlled through innovative dispenser design. Units are made from highly durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic and so can withstand high usage and potential abuse.

Toilet roll dispensers feature an infinity paper system, whereby the second roll can only be accessed when the first is finished. These features combine to minimise waste, reduce the frequency of refills and orders, and free up janitorial storage space, generating competitive cost-in-use.

All Leonardo tissue products meet the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) Soft Tissue standard, and many are made from recycled tissue and carry the EcoLabel certification. Waste is minimised, making the line ideal for use in modern washrooms where environmental sustainability is of growing importance.

Earlier this year, Northwood launched a new Leonardo Training Academy to help inform distributors about the brand’s customer benefits and to support them in the sale of the product.

Family-owned Northwood was established in 1974 and operates across nine UK and two European sites, and has sales of £250m covering sectors including healthcare, education, hospitality, leisure, manufacturing and catering. An environmentally sustainable approach is taken throughout the vertically integrated business; the company operates an ongoing capital and human resource investment programme and corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance.

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