the unit are divided into bundles and a new bundle may be inserted at any time, meaning the unit can be topped up whenever it suits the cleaner.

Jumbo toilet rolls offer a high capacity solution but need to be periodically checked to ensure that none of them have been allowed to run out. Cleaners may also be tempted to replace a roll before it has been completely used up to avoid having to make a repeat visit – and this can be time- consuming and can lead to paper being wasted.

The Tork SmartOne Twin Mini Toilet Roll System is a good alternative, since a new roll may be inserted at any time to ensure a continuous supply. The system also reduces consumption by up to 40% compared with jumbo roll dispensers since it delivers one sheet at a time, while its SmartCore core removal system enables fast and easy refilling.

Replenishing washrooms requires the cleaner to spend much of their time carrying paper and soap products from the storage cupboard to the toilets. One study we commissioned revealed that a substantial part of a cleaner’s day was spent carrying large packages of paper towels, toilet paper and other supplies, sometimes from one side of a building to the other.

Besides being unwieldy, these packs are also often time- consuming to open and require the cleaner to hunt around for a knife or pair of scissors in order to do so. Such tasks, though trivial, all take time and effort and can lead to backaches and muscle strains.

Tork washroom products come in Tork Easy Handling packaging, which is designed to make life easier for the cleaner. The Tork Easy Handling Carry Pack and Carry Box have comfortable handles allowing staff to carry two packs

at a time, one in each hand. They are easy to open without the use of scissors or knives, and Tork Carry Boxes fold flat when empty while their integral handles allow the cleaner to carry several empty boxes at a time to the recycling facility.

There are other tweaks that can be made to ease the cleaner’s burden. Automatic taps attract fewer fingerprints and will therefore require less cleaning than manual versions, for example. And in high-traffic washrooms that experience a high footfall – in stadiums, for example – it may be an idea to dispense with mirrors since polishing these can be time-consuming, and if visitors are using the mirrors for applying make-up, this will potentially lead to longer queues and a higher degree of mess.

Also designed to make life easier for cleaners is a new management software solution launched by Essity this autumn. Digital Cleaning Plans enable staff to keep track of what needs to be done via easy-to-follow instructions from their manager. It also improves communications between managers and staff while simplifying the induction of new staff and handovers between employees.

The cleaner’s job is vital to the washroom because he or she will be responsible for ensuring that it remains clean, hygienic and well-equipped. But the amount of fire-fighting this entails often makes it a thankless task and a time- consuming one.

It therefore makes good sense to equip a washroom with the type of fixtures, fittings, systems and products that will facilitate the cleaner’s work. This will ultimately make their job more rewarding and allow them to carry it out to a higher standard – while also reducing labour costs. WASHROOM HYGIENE | 11

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