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Additional Products & Services Provided: • Blood Bank Testing • Clinical Microbiology • Diabetes and Hemoglobinopathy Testing • HIV Testing • Automation Platforms: BioPlex®

2200 System, EVOLIS™ microplate system.

• Infectious Disease and Autoimmune Assays • InteliQ • Serum Indices

Intuitive screens, Auto-Release, QA, TOX Result Reviewing, billing capture including LOINC, & Client Services options that help accomplish daily tasks with ease & efficiency. Unique laboratory needs? CLIN1 Middleware for Point-of-Care Device Automation or Specialized Plate Process- ing solutions are available. Industry standard SQL server technology assures information is secure but accessible. HL7 interfaces and Web Portal reporting increases productivity and efficiency. Enhance your laboratory environment with healthcare software that delivers value.

CGM LABDAQ® is the leading laboratory information system in the United States.

CGM LABDAQ supports virtually every clinical laboratory environment including physician offices, clinics, reference laborato- ries, hospitals, and veterinary offices. CGM LABDAQ meets the needs of labs performing toxicology and PCR testing.

Advanced functionality including data mining, inventory management, and specimen storage minimizes time spent on administrative tasks. Workflow management automates multi-well plate workflows.

CGM LABDAQ is a scalable solution CAROLINA LIQUID

CHEMISTRIES CORP. 313 Gallimore Dairy Rd Greensboro, NC 27409

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Phone: 877) 722-8910 Fax: (336) 722-8915 Website: Email:

Carolina Liquid Chemistries (CLC) has recently added COVID-19 Rapid Antibody tests, Auto- mated Antibody Chemiluminescence Immunoas- say tests and PCR tests to its product lineup. CLC continues to offer high quality and low-cost chem- istry analyzers and reagents. CLC offers chemistry analyzers for all sizes of laboratories and a menu of over 80 different chemistry reagents for use on a variety instruments. CLC offers the EasyRA benchtop analyzer that performs urine drug screens and general chemistry tests. The CLC floor model instruments consist of the CLC800, CLC1600, and the ultra-high speed CLC6410. Trade-ins on select instruments offered. CLC continues to sell bar-coded reagents for use on Olympus AU instruments along with affordable service contracts. CLC is Veteran owned.


PATHOLOGISTS 325 Waukegan Rd Northfield, IL 60093-2750

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (800) 323-4040 Phone: (847) 832-7000 Website:

The College of American Pathologists is the global leader in laboratory improvement programs, including accreditation, proficiency testing (PT)/external quality assurance (EQA), and continuing education programs, all of which provide laboratories with a comprehen- sive view of their quality process with insight, knowledge, and peer-based educational coaching. Supported by the scientific expertise and commitment of the world’s largest board- certified pathologist organization, the CAP partnership fosters collaboration and builds confidence that CAP-accredited laboratories deliver the most reliable test results to ensure accurate patient diagnoses. The CAP’s labora- tory quality solutions, initiated more than 65 years ago, currently have customers in more than 100 countries, accrediting more than 8,000 laboratories and providing proficiency testing to more than 22,700 laboratories worldwide. The CAP’s more than 700 PT/EQA programs provide the greatest range of assess- ment options from routine testing to testing using the most complex, cutting-edge emerging technologies.



Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (800) 570-0474 Phone: (480) 888-9447 Ext: 102 Fax: (480) 888-9446 Website: Email:

Clinical Software Solutions has provided software products and services for healthcare facilities for over 30 years. CLIN1 Laboratory & CLIN1 QC include affordable information management solutions for any type or size of lab.

COMPUGROUP MEDICAL US 10065 Red Run Blvd., Ste. 150 Owings Mills, MD 21117

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (800) 359-0911, Option 3 Website: Email:

20 CLR 2020-2021 • MLO • See our ad on page 1

DIASORIN MOLECULAR 11331 Valley View Street Cypress, CA 90630

Ordering/Pricing/Product Information Toll Free: (562) 240-6500 Phone: (714) 243-4703 Fax: (508) 473-4717 Website: Email:

DiaSorin Molecular LLC manufactures and distributes molecular diagnostic products worldwide.

Our Simplexa® molecular kits include HSV-1

& 2, Flu A/B & RSV, Bordetella, VZV, Group A Strep, Group B Strep, and C. difficile. Our molecular menu also includes over 65 primer pairs for laboratory developed tests. All of our Simplexa®

Direct assays require no extraction

and provide results in about an hour. Simplexa®


products are designed for use on , a real-time PCR instrument,

which has the capability of running either an 8 well or 96 well disc. This provides an ideal plat- form to accommodate all volume testing needs.

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designed to meet your future testing needs. The CGM LABNEXUS web portal allows providers without EMR connectivity to place orders and receive results. A patient portal is also available.

Visit CLR online all year at

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