for us to continue offering total joint surgeries in an outpatient setting.” Te collaboration with Stryker

Minnesota’s St. Cloud Surgical Center is expanding its ASC with help from Stryker


t. Cloud Surgical Center has always been at the forefront of patient care solutions. After

nearly 50 years of serving the St. Cloud community, the multispecialty center has seen a recent surge in outpa- tient care, particularly among ortho- pedic patients. “We have seen an exponential

increase over the past two years,” said Darci Nagorski, CEO. “Te Cen- ters for Medicare & Medicaid Ser- vices (CMS) approved outpatient total knee replacements for the first time in 2020—and then total hip replace- ments in 2021—which have been huge contributors to our growth.” Te ASC saw total joint surgeries rise from about 400 in 2019 to 590 in 2020— and Nagorski estimates that the num-

ber of outpatient surgeries will con- tinue rising to about 850 this year. Tis rapid growth meant that St.

Cloud’s orthopedic surgeons needed bet- ter outpatient care solutions. Nagorski knew her ASC would need to expand quickly to meet the needs of the com- munity, so she turned to Stryker. “Tey listened to our unique needs,”

Nagorski said. With a growing number of Medicare patients requiring high- expense implants, she worked closely with Stryker to reduce costs. Te medi- cal technology company’s vast product portfolio helped equip St. Cloud with implants and operating room equip- ment that allows them to serve an influx of patients, many of whom have lower reimbursement rates from Medi- care. “Tey made it financially feasible


went beyond affordable, innovative products. “We felt like we had a true partner, rather than just a vendor,” said Nagorski. “Our surgeons were impressed by Stryker’s responsiveness and professionalism as they became familiar with the joint implants for hips and knees.” It is this personal- ized experience and expertise that has helped the ASC expand efficiently, with the expansion set to be com- pleted this summer. Already, the ASC is improving the outpatient experience for the St. Cloud community. “Te expansion is an opportunity to normalize outpatient solutions,” said Nagorski. She noted that patients have become more comfortable in outpatient settings over the past sev- eral years, as CMS has approved differ- ent operations for ASCs. “Tere will always be a place for in-patient surger- ies, but for many patients, ASCs offer a safe, lower-cost alternative. With proper patient selection and educa- tion, we have found that patients do better when they recover at home— which is everyone’s goal.” St. Cloud Surgical Center contin- ues to support patients with Stryker by its side. “I’m excited about the future of our ASC and others across the country,” said Nagorski. “We can offer more patient comfort, fewer surgical infec- tions and better outcomes in the St. Cloud community and beyond.” Whether you are expanding your ASC like St. Cloud or building from scratch, Stryker has everything you need to make each move with con- fidence. Contact Stryker’s ASC busi- ness for a world-class portfolio of products and ASC specialists who can offer tailored solutions to your unique challenges.

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