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hen evaluating cost reduction opportunities in social housing refurbishment or retro-fit fire

sprinkler installation projects, it’s unlikely that pipe boxing would feature highly, yet Pendock products are helping HAs and LAs save time and money on site. The Pendock Profiles range of specialist casings

and pipe & fire sprinkler boxing has been a common feature in social housing for well over 30 years and is used on countless heating system refurbishments, boiler upgrades and fire-sprinkler installations by most UK social landlords. By replacing traditional site made MDF or

wood pipe boxing with pre-formed plywood boxing, significant economies are being achieved across a large number of local authority and housing association projects. The popular TK pipe boxing; MXF fire

sprinkler boxing and BC boiler casings from the Pendock Profiles range, are all manufactured in the UK from pre-formed plywood and are supplied pre-finished in durable melamine. This means there’s no need for time consuming on-site fabrication or painting, enabling Pendock boxing can be fitted in around half the time of site made alternatives. The widespread use of Pendock MXF fire

sprinkler boxing to conceal surface mounted sprinkler pipework, on high-rise and low-rise residential fire safety improvement projects, has helped speed installation, as they’re quick and

Pendock MXF fire sprinkler boxing

easy to fit, using just screws battens and a range of dedicated accessories. Concealing boiler pipework, valves, regulators

and filters is equally simple with the BC range of boiler pipe casings. Four casing options are available, which include jointed and joint-less one piece designs, as well as a bespoke casing, which is manufactured by Pendock to exact project specifications.

Mental health volunteers welcomed

A new scheme to help workplace employees through the worries and concerns of the COVID crisis has been welcomed by staff at Designer Contracts. A snap poll of the company’s mental health volunteers showed that most people were pleased to know there was someone they could turn to for help – or simply have a private chat with about any concerns. Said HR and health and safety director Stacey Brereton: “The company introduced its mental health volunteer scheme back in October as a way of encouraging employees to open up about mental health. We currently have 10 mental health volunteers and one mental health first aider in place and are rolling the scheme out to all 15 regional depots.”

01246 854577 ESi launches latest 6 Series heating controls

ESi Controls has launched its new, top of the range, 6 Series WiFi Programmable Room Thermostat, offering the latest in heating control for homes and commercial premises. Fully OpenTherm compatible, this new range of controls allows full control via the room thermostat or via a mobile phone or tablet, with a range of features to impress even the most demanding specifier, installer or homeowner. It includes Optimum Start/Stop, Domestic Hot Water (DHW) setpoint, Hot Water time and temperature control when working in conjunction with a wireless cylinder thermostat, full 7 day, 5/2 day or 24 hour programming options, a boost facility, a helpful Holiday Mode and is an ERP Class 5 Product.

01280 816868 34 | HMM April/May 2021 |

Where exterior pipework needs protecting

and concealing, the CHM and MXM metal pipe boxing range is engineered to enclose building services and other utilities, often as part of district heating schemes, whilst also providing added protection against accidental damage, theft or vandalism.

01952 580 590 Lo-Carbon Revive 7 protects landlord

Lo-Carbon Revive 7 fans from leading ventilation manufacturer, Vent-Axia, are proving crucial in a social housing disrepair case. The fans were installed as part of an extensive renovation of a social housing property to alleviate condensation and mould issues. Yet the problems persisted. Thanks to the fans’ datalogging ability, it has been proven that the fans have been tampered with by the resident. This data is proving crucial in protecting the landlord from being prosecuted. Without this datalogging capability, the landlord could have faced court action from the resident for failing to provide a habitable home. However, armed with this information the landlord can now prove that they are not at fault.

0344 856 0590 Stelrad announces Heavy-duty Deco

Stelrad Radiators has announced the addition of a new Heavy Duty Deco radiator to its Heavy Duty radiator family. This robust version of the popular Deco design comes with a 3.2mm combined thickness tough outer steel fascia to provide additional protection where the radiator is used in an environment where contact is likely and there is a need to take knocks in its stride. It’s a high-end specification product built to withstand high impact, yet it retains its high heat output whilst remaining price competitive. For installers, piping connections are exactly the same as the Stelrad Compact radiator. Please contact Stelrad Radiators for more information and brochures.

0844 543 6200

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