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Improve Your Understanding of BS 8629 with

of Practice recommendations and the EvacGo system designed to meet them. ‘A Guide to Meeting BS 8629’ is a continuing


professional development course, approved by the FIA and the CPD Certification Service, suitable for all those responsible for fire safety in tall residential buildings. Delivered online by the Advanced evacuation alert team – Ken Bullock, Advanced’s Business Development Manager and Shaun Scott, Applications Engineer for Evacuation Alert Systems – the one-hour session covers a range of essential BS 8629 facts, from key clauses, evacuation alert zones and siting of devices, to evacuation alert control and indicating equipment, its commissioning and handover. As well as the accredited CPD course,

Advanced has also launched a new training programme for its EvacGo evacuation alert system. Aimed primarily at installers and engineers, the training course covers practical content including panel and software configuration guidance. Ken Bullock, Business Development Manager –

Evacuation Alert Systems said: “Over the past year we’ve witnessed increasing demand from our customers and end users for online education and training opportunities. This has led to the intro- duction of our webinar programme, online

ire protection solutions manufacturer Advanced, has launched two new courses to aid understanding of the BS 8629 Code

training modules and our video tutorial series. “At a time when many fire industry

professionals are viewing lockdown as an opportunity to upskill, our new CPD presentation is a great way to improve understanding of the BS 8629 Code of Practice, the relevant evacuation alert system equipment, and your responsibilities as a consultant, fire risk assessor or fire protection specialist. “As an added bonus to participants, all content

is approved by the CPD Certification Service and the FIA, who have both recognised it as a robust training offering that helps to boost competency and knowledge of the latest standards.” Alongside its CPD, Advanced’s EvacGo training

programme offers partners free workshops which not only cover theory, but also applied exercises and tests, ensuring good working knowledge of all aspects of the EvacGo equipment and software. BS 8629:2019 is the new Code of Practice for

the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems for use by fire and rescue services in England. In place since November 2019, this code of practice recommends the installation of a dedicated evacuation alert system intended for the sole use of the fire and rescue services and separate from the building’s fire alarm system. It is relevant to blocks of flats with a storey located at a height of more than 18 metres above ground level. Although not yet a legal requirement in England,

evacuation alert control and indicating equipment (EACIE) installation is already mandatory in new buildings containing flats over 18 metres in Scotland and considered best practice by a number of fire and rescue services. Advanced, owned by FTSE 100 company

Halma PLC, protects a wide range of prestigious and high-profile sites across the globe – from London’s Shard to Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau bridge. Halma is a global group of life-saving

technology companies with a clear purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day.

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From Infinity to Beyond VEKA is leading the way in the future of recycled PVCu


his month, VEKA plc has unveiled plans to grow usage of recycled material beyond its existing Infinity system.

VEKA has been the industry leader in recycling

and sustainability throughout its history with the first VEKA recycling plant opening in Germany in 1993. In 2007, VEKA Recycling opened its doors, the UK’s first windows recycling plant. Last year, the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability has seen VEKA Recycling invest £150k in six new silos to increase the storage capacity at its state-of-the-art Wellingborough recycling plant, the most advanced of its kind in Europe. VEKA plc led the way in recycling PVCu

launching its Infinity profile in 2010 - a dedicated system with an environmental conscience that contains up to 80 per cent recycled material. The coming months will see VEKA start to roll

out recycled material across a number of its mainline profiles starting with cills and following with frame extensions with potential to expand further throughout the course of the year. VEKA has committed to a strong focus in driving further usage of recycled PVCu in the coming years. Recycling has become a crucial part of

VEKA’s strategy and over the last five years more than 24,000 tonnes of PVCu has been diverted from landfill.

Dawn Stockell, Marketing Director of VEKA

plc commented: “Recycling and sustainability are a core focus

as part of our overall CSR commitment and a key objective for both VEKA plc and the broader group. Our investment into future proofing our products has seen us increase our co-extrusion capability, replacing aging tools with co-extrusion tools allowing for greater use of recycled PVCu . Committed to driving increased usage of recycled compound, our partnership with growing sister company, VEKA Recycling, will ensure that

together we continue to make best-in-class PVCu window systems that care about the environment and can continue to be recycled for years to come.” Simon Scholes, Managing Director of VEKA

Recycling added: “We’ve invested £15 million into the plant at

Wellingborough – ensuring we can continue to lead the way in recycled PVCu. Our products are as close to virgin polymer as is possible. To get recycled PVCu of this quality takes some work and ultimately does not result in a more cost- effective material – in fact using recycled PVCu is cost neutral but carries an important ethical message. In the past, recycled products have often been seen as second best, however with today’s PVCu, along with our technology and skills, we can ensure that the recycled product is a better product – one that is suited to being reused time and time again. We can now put in a frame that will last another 40 years with just one window or door frame offering up to 350 years of usage. In fact, the recycled products that are going in now will only need to be recycled by my successor’s successor. Now that is a sustainable legacy to be proud of.”

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