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A solution was found through spray foam insulation specialists Icynene. Icynene proposed its Icyfoam Fill, a cavity-fill system of high performance, foam-injected insulation.

Icynene Icyfoam Fill is a two-part system where the components come together at the tip on an injection lance. The chemical reaction creates a foam which expands one hundred-fold in seconds, completely filling the cavity and sealing tiny gaps and structural voids, eliminating any potential cold bridging.

Appropriate U-value calculations were undertaken by Icynene technicians at the Hobbit House factory in Mansfield. Icyfoam Fill was shown to exceed the required levels and foam was injected through small holes drilled through the polyethylene skin of the structure, completely filling the 110mm wide spiral cavity of the 3.0m diameter cylinder.

According to Icynene, the foam is so ‘searching’ in nature that it can also be used in partially filled cavities where previously installed insulation systems may have failed or not completely filled the inter- leaf voids.

Icynene Icyfoam Fill is a closed- cell insulation medium which had originally been developed in Canada to cope with their extreme winter temperatures.

Unlike its open cell cousin FoamLite, which uses water as its blowing agent that creates an air filled cellular structure which allows the treated building to ‘breathe naturally’, Icyfoam Fill uses an HFO blowing agent with an extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP2) and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP of 0 (Zero).

The outer shell is a twin-wall spiral structure that gives excellent strength and rigidity but is difficult to insulate.

This closed cell formulation completely seals the structure, helping to prevent air and moisture transmission and provides outstanding levels of insulation where breathability is not a requirement.

The insulation of the Library Hobbit House was completed in less than a day and, according to Matthew Wright, the combination of the Icynene insulation and the soil and grass roof which completed the installed structure makes this the most thermally efficient project to date.

All in all, these are the coolest garden buildings you could ever think of. Cool in summer, and cosy warm in winter. The very best of both worlds - real and imaginary.


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Icynene foam is so ‘searching’ in nature, that it can also be used in partially filled cavities.

Icynene foam was injected through the polyethylene skin, completely filling the spiral cavity of the cylinder.

Hobbit Houses are custom made below ground buildings constructed to an incredibly high standard of fit and finish.

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