News, Products, Services Sika CPD provides expert guide to improved concrete repair and protection

enlightening overview of the root causes of concrete damage and deterioration. Early diagnosis of issues such as corrosion is crucial to structural safety. It can also help reduce the time and cost involved in the repair of concrete infrastructure such as tunnels, bridges and car parks; the availability of which is so important to our daily lives.”

Sika’s Concrete, Waterproofing and Engineered Refurbishment division has launched a CPD module designed to provide specialist guidance on concrete repair and protection.

Aimed primarily at engineers and surveyors, the free presentation offers an in-depth review on how to identify and diagnose the

root causes of concrete defects, deterioration and reinforcement corrosion. It also highlights appropriate repair and protection solutions based on the British and European standard: BS EN 1504.

Nic Collins from Sika’s Engineered Refurbishment division commented: “The concrete repair and protection CPD provides an immersive and


Issues covered within the CPD include a look at appropriate concrete inspection and testing procedures required to establish an accurate diagnosis, and consideration factors for repair and protection options. It also features a guide to BS EN 1504 - compliant repair and protection solutions involving mortars and other materials. In addition, there is a focus on structural strengthening, protective coatings and corrosion

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NBS and BBA announce strategic partnership

NBS, the leading specification platform for the construction industry, has announced its partnership with the British Board of Agrement (BBA) in its latest move to provide the best practice advice to NBS users.

The collaboration marks the joining of two recognised industry leaders - the BBA, known for its role in helping to mitigate risk through setting high standards of quality and safety in the construction supply chain and NBS, a company rooted in improving industry and compliance through the adoption of digital data.

As well as allowing its users to gain a deeper level of guidance on BBA accredited products, the alliance also strengthens NBS’ compliance offering, aiding specifiers and construction professionals in the decision-making process by providing timely and consistent data. Both companies also plan to work together on digital events such as webinars and discussion panels to enrich the debate on industry topics and help better support customers.

Peter Webbon, Sales and Marketing Director at the BBA, said: The BBA is committed to supporting the construction industry in developing safer, more sustainable building habits, and we recognise that our impact is so much greater if we work collaboratively with the entire construction market. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with

BBA TEL: 01923 665300

companies like NBS to be able to do this - driving quality and helping our clients mitigate risk throughout the entire construction supply chain.”

Richard Waterhouse, Chief Strategy Officer at NBS, added: “If we’re to achieve the ‘Golden Thread of Information’, its important that NBS is constantly evolving to ensure its providing the best in up-to-date standards-setting information. As an organisation very much at the forefront of product discovery through its work certifying, testing and inspecting emerging products and services, the BBA is an invaluable asset to have onboard. We know that working together as an industry is central to improving standards and compliance and this partnership will no doubt result in collective learning that will better serve our clients and provide added value during the specification process.”

Commenting on the partnership, Sascia Elliott, Head of Partnerships at NBS, said: “This partnership brings together two globally recognised brands in the construction industry, both of which provide a positive influence in the construction industry supply chain.

“It’s clear there is an obvious synergy between our mission statement and vision, and this collaboration will provide a unified and ‘joined-up’ approach that will make the industry safer and more sustainable.”

WWW.BBACERTS.CO.UK 35 WWW.SIKA.CO.UK New ‘Fire Rated Systems and Safety for a

Commercial Space’ RIBA CPD brought to you by Komfort Partitioning

management systems, whilst a selection of case studies demonstrates how Sika repair and protection solutions have been successfully employed in a range of concrete refurbishment projects throughout the UK.

Nic added: “At Sika, we are conscious of our responsibility to customers and the construction industry as a whole to share our knowledge to improve concrete repair and protection practices. Hence, we’ve drawn upon our technical team’s renowned expertise to compile this CPD. We hope this will become a blueprint for professionals and help raise standards in what is an essential area of the refurbishment sector.”

Fire safety is an absolute priority when designing buildings. Through video demonstrations, diagrams and real-life examples, this Komfort CPD seminar will help designers and specifiers design with fire safety in mind for a commercial setting. This introduces fire terminology, regulations, classifications, the testing process and more.

In addition to this, the seminar explores the performance, applications and design

considerations for fire rated systems such as glazed partitioning and doors, fire screens and timber doors.

Conducted by Komfort’s dedicated Specification team, this seminar will provide you with a good understanding of fire safety, along with the perfect opportunity to ask questions and listen to expert advice.

The learning objective of this seminar includes: •

To underatand the key terms, ratings and classifications for the fire safety.

To be confident in specifying fire rated products, including fire rated partitioning, fire screens and fire rated doors (glazed and timber.

• Explore key design

considerations for fire safety best practice in a commercial setting.

To understand the limitations and importance of test evidence for fire rated systems

As with all Komfort CPD seminars, this is available remotely via Microsoft Teams or similar.


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