What is the

"Doctor Inside" Each of Us?


the concept of health, what actually takes place inside of the human body to achieve health, and each individual person’s role in becoming healthy. The core position taken in the trio of columns leading to this fi nale was that “the doctor inside” each of us does the healing and our job is to com- pliment it. This conclusion will emphasize that the better “the doctor inside” of us is understood, the better defi ned the road to health will be, and thus the healthier our society will become. It is important to have a basic under-


standing of how various things work. That is how value is established. Parents and teachers help kids connect good grades to short-term and long-term rewards. Industry innovators sell the public on new ideas, often at the natural expense of classic ideas, the value in the former increasing as the value in the latter decreases. The church instills the importance of acknowledge- ment in something greater than ourselves. Both in these big picture concepts and in smaller things such as a pencil for writing or a pillow for a good night’s sleep, grasp- ing their benefi t comes from a baseline knowledge of what they bring to our lives. Health, increasingly so over the past

half century, became too abstract; health- care, consequently, lost its way. “The doc- tor inside” has been rendered largely in- consequential by the conventionalists that serve as the primary educators of health in our society. Since it has been given little to no value by those trusted to make health- related decisions, it has little to no value to the consumers within the healthcare industry. Yet, “the doctor inside” has infi nite value. It is the innate intelligence which governs all activity within the body, keep-

or three months late last year, an ex- ploration took place here with the purpose of fundamentally broadening

ing us alive and functioning; without it, we are reduced to a corpse or any other form of non-living matter. The average adult is made up of 75 trillion cells, each of which performs 200,000 chemical reactions every split second. Convert that math into a dol- lar amount and it equates to wealth beyond imagination. That is the value of “the doc- tor inside.” Human health potential will not be realized broadly across the popula- tion until that value is acknowledged. A more faith-based interpretation is that God supplies each human-being with the innate intelligence necessary for life, and so “the doctor inside” is an expression of God within each of us. As referenced in a previous part of this series, label it some- thing else if so desired, but the reality is that this great organizer of all human func- tions is present from cradle to grave. It is divine, no matter if you defi ne that adjec- tive as God-like or as just plain awesome. American healthcare exemplifi es the idi- om, “throwing the baby out with the bath water,” or the fallacy in eliminating some- thing good when attempting to rid our- selves of something perceived to be bad. In concerning itself almost exclusively with ever-changing theories and symptom man-

agement by chemical bombardment, it has largely ignored the very nature of the hu- man body and the role of “the doctor in- side” in facilitating health. Adaptability is the key that unlocks health potential, and it is not coinciden- tally the primary role of “the doctor inside” us. A broken bone that heals in two months, the presence of all new blood cells in the body every sixteen weeks; these are amazing things that deserve a lot of credit. Be sure to give the credit where it is due. If a friend loses their job and their spouse, and then a year later is thriving in a new job and has found love again, we comment on their resiliency and their ability to bounce back. In healthcare, credit is rou- tinely given to all parties except the one that deserves the lion’s share of it: “the doctor inside.” The inborn intelligence of the human body is the most underappreci- ated thing in human history. We repeat- edly look outside of the body for answers on how to heal – usually just when sick – and the answers are there already, in- nately gifted to us. That is not at all to say that letting the

body simply do its job will lead to perfect health. Humans are imperfect, made up of

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