In the Pipeline from ASCA this Year A

SCA members can look forward to a variety of resources, new and old, this new year.

ASCA will host its annual meeting virtually again this year. This was not an easy decision and was made based on the course of the pandemic back in November and the likelihood of having an effective vaccine accessible to all by April. After much consideration, the ASCA Board and I agreed that we could not risk the chance of even a single attendee at our conference contracting COVID-19 from either traveling to or from our conference or getting it while on site and then bringing it back to their community. The format of ASCA 2021 is based on a member survey. We adopted what we learned from our members and spread out the event over three consecutive Mondays—April 26, May 3 and May 10. We all recognize the challenges of trying to stay engaged online for two or more consecutive days, so spreading the meeting out will make it easier for everyone to better balance their personal and professional lives. I encourage all our members to attend. Other than the annual conference, ASCA will continue to offer myriad educational resources this year. We will offer a new ASC infection prevention (IP) course and a “Management Essentials for ASC Administrators” course. We expect the IP course to be helpful to those planning to take the Certified Ambulatory Infection Preventionist exam and the management course to be useful to those preparing for the Certified Administrator Surgery Center exam. We have redesigned our webinar series this year and will offer specialized tracks for materials managers, clinical directors, infection preventionists and administrators. We also have introduced additions to our Clinical & Operational Benchmarking

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Survey this year. It now includes optional specialty reporting tracks in total joint, complex spine and ophthalmology procedures. New this year, the survey will come with a Benchmarking Basics for ASCs how-to guide. The new guide is free for benchmarking survey subscribers only and cannot be purchased separately. This guide will be the focus of an event ASCA will offer for the first time this year: virtual book club discussions. All subscribers to ASCA’s Clinical & Operational Benchmarking Survey may register for the book club for free. Also, this year, ASCA will conduct its Salary and Benefits Survey. All ASCs can participate for free, and those that meet the reporting requirements will receive access to free personalized reports that allow for data comparisons with other facilities. I wish you good luck and good health this new year.

Bill Prentice Chief Executive Officer


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