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up and taking on the influential XC trackin Norfolk. Great posh trotting from them bothand another top-level eventing experience for them. Most recently the beautiful new venue Thorseby

Park,with the younger horsesattending their first International. This seemedunlikely to happen in Marchdue to notbeing able to get them enough mileage; Iamglad to say they got their runs along the wayand made us all proud. CHF Archie in the 7yo Championships at

CCI3*Short level did avery grown up test with new movements to him following this witha super double clear, being 1of8clears in the class. Confession Time (only a6yo) and Interlaken

W(7yo) bothhaving their experience of atrot up at their first International competing in the CCI2*Long. Plenty of atmosphere and lots learnt for them both. They did lovely tests for 31 and 33, despite the weather not being on our side resulting in afair bit of mud. Thenonto XC rather than what they are usedtoofshow jumping next. They bothflewaround the beautiful trackto come home clear. Tactful riding was requiredtowards the end of the course, with well over 100 horsesjumping the same track it could not be helpedafter the considerable rainfall that it was somewhat deepinplaces. Another trot up Sundaymorning and the

boys were bothjolly andlooking great after the endurance of the XC the daybefore. On to the show jumping, whichwas agreat experience

for them bothhaving to pick their toesupover the colouredpoles. Alovely clear for Confession Time and a couple of unlucky polesfor Interlaken around atroublesome and tough SJ track. The other lovely young horsesIhave been

lucky enough to ride this season have also made great progress and upgradedto the next level. Renegade Cruising has takenhis first

season to ahigh, placing at BE100 level and finishing withafantastic run in his first Novice at the huge venue Cornbury Park. Well up to height on all accounts, he flew round the tracktomake nothing of it. Iamhugely excitedfor what next season holds for him. Tango Blu, after winning at local Ascot

under Wychwood thenhad anovice run at Cornbury, only his second one and completed withalovely dressage and double clear. New rides, Ballinamurra Changsha

and Diamond Court, have successfully placedatBE100 and will be set to upgrade next season to novice. Homebred, Time To Gamble had arun of

consistent BE100 outings, including manytop 10 Placings. Sadly he didn’t make the ballot into his first Novice, so took an early holiday

and shall begin BS Jumping this winter. Mid-season we welcomed the amazing

Katie to the team, ahugelyexperienced full time competition groom, withawealthof knowledge to addto myamazing team. I feel very lucky to have her join us and once the season concludeswewill be seenout and about on the show jumping circuit. We have also welcomedTeam Spillers, in

myopinion the best horse feedaround. The fantastic condition the horsesall hold after abusyseason, going into winter, I could not be happier with. Their advice, support and top quality hard feedshows in the results. As always thank you so very muchto my

hard working family, team at home and away. physio’s, farriers and vets, loyal supportive owners and their wonderful horses. My appreciation also to mysupport network of sponsors. Without you all, this season would never have beenpossible! Lastly before Isign off, Ihope you have enjoyed

mysomewhat delayedblog. With timesbeing slightly quieter, Ihope to update you on the latest goings on at GHE in the coming months.

Stay safe, Ginny x


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