Thank You ASCAPAC recognizes its supporters BY DANIELLE KASTER


SCAPAC, ASCA’s political action committee (PAC) and the only

federal PAC that represents the entire ASC community, is grateful for the tre- mendous support from all of its contrib- utors and would like to recognize those individuals and facilities that have con- tributed every year for the past five years. “In

just a few years, there has

been incredible support and growth in ASCAPAC,” says Chairwoman Jesseye Arrambide, RN, executive director of Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center LLC in Tigard, Oregon. “The ASC commu- nity recognizes how imperative it is to have a voice in Washington, DC. Our successes on the Hill and our relation- ships with legislators are direct results of ASCA’s hard work and the growth of

the PAC. I am truly grateful and thankful for the boundless support of ASCAPAC from individuals and facilities alike. It is through the generous and continued support of our members that the ASC industry will continue to thrive.”


Missoula Bone and Joint Surgery Center, Missoula, Montana We feel that ASCA is a worthwhile organization that

gives us a voice. We are more powerful as a large collective group of ASCs. We have reaped the benefits of being involved and supportive and would encourage all ASCs to do the same.”

—Jennifer McElroy, RN, ASC clinical manager

Pinnacle III, Lakewood, Colorado Ambulatory surgery centers and the care we provide to our

patients is part of the solution to con- trolling health care costs and improv- ing patient outcomes. The ASC indus- try has known for the last 20 years the value we provide to our communities, and ASCAPAC is uniquely positioned to get that message out to decision and policy makers. Armed with that knowledge, those decision and pol- icy makers can then treat ASCs as part of the health care solution rather than the problem. That is why Pinnacle III chooses, and encourages the facilities we work with, to support ASCAPAC.”

— Rob Carrera, president and chief executive officer

Tallgrass Surgery Center, Topeka, Kansas The ASC industry is facing a number of challenges in Wash-

ington. Among them, the payment disparity between hospital outpatient departments (HOPD) and ASCs con- tinues to grow, which threatens our ability to provide seniors the high quality care they deserve while offering them lower copays. Second, there are a number of agencies ranging from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that impact our day-to-day operations and we need to ensure that we have a seat at the table as they make decisions on how we provide care to our patients. “The best way to prepare for these future challenges is to start advocating for ASCs today. Contributing to the ASCAPAC, reaching out and build- ing relationships are the best ways to ensure our message is clearly heard on Capitol Hill.”

—Nancy Henry, CASC, administrator 26 ASC FOCUS MAY 2016

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