TS: What do you look for from a director when you are collaborating on a role in a new play? JG: I work best with directors who have a clear idea/vision as to what they want or how they want the story to be told but who also have room for things to evolve through the process. I love directors who guide an actor through questions and trust the actor to explore what the answers are. Jo was so great about this during the audition process, and if you weren’t getting to where she wanted you to be, she would rephrase and guide you, never by telling you what the “right” answer was, but by asking you questions that could get you there and accepting what you had to offer.

TS: What keeps you inspired as an artist? JG: Music. I love music. All types of music. I grew up listening to some of Mexico’s greatest music icons. Their storytelling is incredible! Instrumental music with heavy brass gets my little heart going and my mind running. I also watch a lot of TV, A LOT of TV, all sorts of shows. Whenever I discover a new show or a new actor, I research them endlessly. I love watching every interview I can find. I get excited when I find an interview and hear about an artist’s journey and how they

Jacqueline Guillén and Triney Sandoval

in 72 Miles to Go... Photo: Jeremy Daniel

got there. Especially artists of color and women of color! On a more personal level, my friends keep me inspired. If I ever feel stuck, I meet up with them and we create whatever we can on that given day.

TS: School students will read this interview and will want to know what it takes to be a working actress—what advice can you give young people who say they want to act on the stage? JG: Make sure you know why you are choosing this career. Being an actor can be exhausting; NYC is exhausting. You have to hustle every day, and you need to want it more than anything else. Find what works for you as an artist. School isn’t for everyone, but training is essential. To those who have been discouraged in an academic environment, DO NOT STOP! Some of the most successful people working right now were told they didn’t have “it” by some professor. Trust your gut and continue working for it. But above all, always stay true to yourself, work with people you admire. Make friends with people who excite you. Say, “Yes and…” Rest when you can, save your money, network honestly. Find your people and cling onto them for dear life. Their support will get you through the dry seasons. And no matter what, always do it for the love.•



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