Trade minister Ivan McKee meeting with AI healthcare specialists at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow

Artificial Intelligence projects showcased at healthcare event in Glasgow

Some of the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies in healthcare were showcased at an event in Glasgow. ‘Deep-learning’ algorithms

which are being applied to analyse and predict cancers were demonstrated at the conference at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in September. Te Cancer Innovation Chal-

lenge Mesothelioma Project & AI in Healthcare event – hosted by Te Data Lab – enabled some

of Scotland’s most innovative tech companies to demonstrate how new AI methods are helping clinicians to automate the process of identifying tumours. Other ground-breaking applications of AI in health and care were also demonstrated – including for the improved treatment of patients with Chronic Obstruc- tive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) and those with suspected colon cancer. Dr Kevin Blyth, Consul- tant Respiratory Physician at

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, presented work on developing a deep-learning algorithm to automate detection of mesothe- lioma, a type of cancer related to industrial exposure to asbestos. Although the full results are yet to be published, the work carried out by data scientists from Canon Medical has proved to be encour- aging. Dr David Lowe, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, has also been working to devise

AI methods which help predict when Chronic Obstructive Pul- monary Disorder (COPD) patients are likely to become breathless. Dr Lowe said that COPD is the second most common reason for people coming to hospital and that an AI project he has been working on could help better manage the condition in the community – leading to fewer hospital admissions and poten- tially saving the health service £1.2m. l

Data analytics firm awarded £500,000 to develop waste-tracking platform

An Edinburgh-based data analytics company has been awarded £500,000 to build a realtime UK-wide waste tracking platform. Software company Topolytics specialises in providing data-

driven insights into the flows of waste, which is worth $4.5trillion in potential additional global eco- nomic output, according to busi- ness consulting giant Accenture. Te company, which won the ‘Grand Prize’ in the Google Cloud


and SAP Circular Economy 2030 Contest, launched at the World Economic Forum in February 2019, will create a system that will monitor and analyse all waste transactions across the UK every year. Te system will rely on data

from multiple sources encom- passing household, commercial, municipal, construction and hazardous waste materials. Where the data does not exist in digital format Topolytics will help third party providers to generate it. l

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