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US to come through MIA,“

adds Rodrigues. In addition, MIA also has

53 domestic direct flight destinations. Of particular note, MIA

serves as a hub for American Airlines. Exclusive to Miami, American Airlines Cool Perishables provides pre- cooling, confirmed cooler space and expedited USDA and U.S. Customs clearances

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for fresh shipments on-site. The program provides several services including two pre- coolers. In recent years, MIA has

also been offering a Sea-to-Air program that marries the cost efficiency of ocean transit to South

Florida from Central

America with fast air service on the many international flights leaving MIA for distant markets. This collaboration between MIA, PortMiami and

Emirates SkyCargo Completes 5 Years of Operations to Belgium, Norway

Life saving medication manufactured in Belgium and fresh salmon from Norway are just two of the commodities that have been transported across the world by Emirates SkyCargo. Since the start of its services to Belgium and Norway in September 2014, the freight division of Emirates has flown over 235,000 tonnes of cargo to and from these countries, stimulating trade and helping local businesses reach global markets. Emirates SkyCargo has

facilitated over 60,000 tonnes of exports from Belgium over the last five years. Soon after the launch of passenger flight services to Brussels, the air cargo carrier also started scheduled freighter operations to the city in 2015.

Brussels is an important

station in Emirates SkyCargo’s network for the transport of pharmaceuticals. It is one of the more than 20 global destinations in the air cargo carrier’s Pharma Corridors initiative. Since the launch of Emirates Pharma, the carrier’s specialized product for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, Emirates SkyCargo has transported more than 6000 tonnes of pharma cargo from Brussels. In Belgium, Emirates

SkyCargo has also operated freighter flights to and from Liege in response to demand for transporting horses to global championship events. Over the last five years, the air cargo carrier has operated close to 80 horse charters

from Liege transporting more than 3,500 horses and 800 grooms. The largest of these charter operations took place in September 2018 with more than 500 horses being transported on 19 flights to and from the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 in the US. Close to 62,000 tonnes

of Norwegian salmon have made their way from Oslo to customers across the Middle East and Asia on Emirates Skycargo’s flights helping make an important economic contribution to Norway’s seafood industry. As a result of the strong demand for transporting salmon, Emirates SkyCargo launched a weekly freighter service on its Boeing 777 freighter

aircraft to Oslo from October 2016. “Since the start of our

services, Emirates SkyCargo has played an important role in the export of Norwegian salmon on our passenger and freighter aircraft. However, over the years, our freighter aircraft have also helped transport other outsized items including aircraft engines, large ship propellers

weighing more than 10 tonnes apiece, horses and relief cargo for humanitarian missions from Oslo,” commented Mona Kongsvik, Cargo Manager Norway, Emirates SkyCargo. In total, Emirates

SkyCargo has transported over 105,000 tonnes of cargo to and from Norway since the start of its operations in the country.

Port Everglades is an effort to better serve the local cargo industry and strengthen the global marketplace. How it works is, once the perishable shipments arrive PortMiami or Port Everglades, they are trucked to MIA and flown overseas. Containers are not opened on either mode, meaning the product is not exposed to temperature elements on the tarmac. Dallas Fort Worth

International Airport (DFW) is also becoming increasingly known for its perishable’s niches. The big news there is DFW’s new twice weekly service on Avianca that commences in early October between Bogota, Columbia and DFW. This is the first time in nearly a decade that such service is offered. Avianca plans to fly an

Airbus 330 freighter on the service. Among the expected

cargo that will be flown in the Inbound flights to DFW are flowers and other perishables that will be handled and stores at DFW’s cold chain facility before being exported to Asia. The service will capitalize on DFW’s central US location and represents a milestone for FDW as the first scheduled South American freighter from Latin America.


Ackerman, DFW’s executive vice president Global Strategy


and Development, expects it will further DFW’s strategy for developing trade lanes between South America and Asia. Two years ago, DFW

installed a cold chain facility operated by AirLogistix USA. The state-of-the-art transfer facility gives DFW the ability to precisely control warehousing temperatures for shipments of pharmaceuticals, flowers and fresh foods.

Wow. Who knew? With 300 planes and 1,220 daily flights, Alaska Airlines has the most nonstop, coast-to-coast routes.*

For more information or to book your shipment online, go to Or call us at 1-800-225-2752. *Compared to other airlines, based on full-year schedule.

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