28 >> 26 Consequently, Hawaiian Air

Cargo has the newest state- of-the-art at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) on the airport today. With 3,200 square feet of refrigeration available 24/7. Knight points out that

Hawaiian Air Cargo’s strongest market is inbound perishables from the west coast. “Being an island state, most of our perishable products have to be imported in order to support our growing population,” she says. Hawaiian Air Cargo has

seen some impact with the trade issues between the U.S. and China, particularly from Asia to/through Hawaii. “As the data shows, this is an industry wide issue that will continue to shape how product is moved in the future,” Knight says. Regarding equipment,

Knight reports that the airline continues

to work closely

with its ULD partner for new and innovative equipment and ideas. The CEIV-Fresh certification is also on its roadmap. “Facility updates on all

our neighbor islands will determine the timeline to move forward,” she says.

Vast Networks and Service

European carriers such as

Swiss WorldCargo, and Lufthansa Cargo have long

Issue 8 2019 - FBJNA

had an expertise in handling perishables. Michi Ganz, head of

Northeast USA and Canada with Swiss WorldCargo, emphasizes that the most unique and important features for this carrier are its short transfer distances, and transfer times through its home base in Zurich, Switzerland. “The short distances at our

hub enable industry-leading transfer times to ensure that any perishable commodity only spends minimal time between the tarmac and warehouse,” Ganz says.”As controlled temperature is critical for any perishable shipment, Swiss WorldCargo takes care to mitigate any adverse effects of

carry perishables in its worldwide network, but the harvest seasons at the respective export gateways determine the commodities it transports. ”Domestic agriculture and

fishery industry leads the way,” he says: “From the West Coast in North America we carry ferns, asparagus, berries etc, while we carry all types of seafood from the East Coast to the entire world. From the Midwest and parts of South America we carry meat. With year-round growing seasons for flowers in Andean countries, flowers are another highly desirable perishable commodity.”



conditions.” Swiss WorldCargo carries

Hawaiian Air Cargo crew check perishable shipments flown via its 3,200 sq. ſt. warehouse at HNL. (Hawaiian Air Cargo photo.)

To accommodate the

trade, Swiss WorldCargo’s warehouses throughout the world are designed to minimize time spent on the tarmac and maximize overall efficiency. “We are particularly proud of our hub in Zurich, through

which 95% of our goods pass,” Ganz adds. “But we have taken steps around the world to deliver safest handling of all goods.”

This is not limited to

‘edible’” perishables, but also applies to the transportation of pharmaceuticals. That said, Swiss WorldCargo has been CEIV certified for pharma since 2018. “We continue to look at ways

to continue expanding our CEIV certification, including

CEIV-Fresh,” Ganz adds. Andreas Pauker,

spokesman for Lufthansa Cargo, emphasizes that Lufthansa’s advantage is its vast worldwide network of flight connections and highly qualified personnel along the entire transport chain. “At our Frankfurt hub, we

use the Perishable Center to ensure the highest possible quality also on the ground,” he says.

Currently, Lufthansa Cargo

is experiencing its strongest export markets for perishable goods in South America and Africa with destinations mainly in Europe, North America and Asia. Benefiting perishables

customers is Lufthansa Cargo’s vacuum coolers – a product that enable considerable quality gains especially for transporting flowers, and fast coolers e.g. for berries, vegetables or herbs. “In addition, we cool

the cargo spaces in the air optimally wherever possible and ensure the shortest transport routes and minimum standing periods on the ground,” he adds. Middle East carriers such

Luſthansa Cargo MD-11F with new Livery. (Ralf Kopetzky/Luſthansa Cargo)

as Emirates SkyCargo, Qatar Airways Cargo, and Turkish Cargo. Offering service to 124

countries and being the fastest-growing air cargo brand around the world, Turkish Cargo has been carrying out the air cargo transportation operations of Turkish Airlines. Last year, Turkish Cargo

shared information about how it carried the Chester variety of Turkish Blackberry. The blackberries were carried on board the passenger aircraft at 2°C in cold chain status, and arrived fresh in Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh and Hong Kong. Picked up and


before sunrise as it is a fragile product that is highly affected by sunlight, the blackberries must be preserved in high- standard cold storage. Turkish Cargo was able to provide top rate service to this perishable. This summer Emirates

SkyCargo transported over 150,000 tonnes of perishables through Dubai to other parts of its global network. Over the last three years,

Emirates SkyCargo has managed to consolidate the position of its Dubai hub as an efficient and rapid transit point

for cargo 30 >>


from and destined to a variety of cities across six continents.

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