beck says. “These are often identified and then examined further during the completion of a hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA).” Turn to page 30 to learn how to conduct an HVA. Ruppe says Proliance used an HVA form from the Kaiser Permanente health system in developing the com- pany’s most recent emergency pre- paredness plan, which was shared with its affiliated ASCs. “That tool is pre- ferred by our state health department and Northwest Healthcare Response Network (NWHRN), our local health- care emergency preparedness coali- tion. Completing it helped us identify the threats most likely to affect us.” Henry says that when identifying

risks, ASCs should cast a wide net. “We are in the middle of Denver, so a blizzard is an obvious threat. But we are also close to a college campus,

Keep researching, reviewing and refining. Your plan should be a living tool and not a document that just sits on a shelf, only to be pulled out when surveyors come to town.”

—Catherine Ruppe, RN, CASC, Proliance Surgeons

so we assessed what could go wrong there. That includes everything from an active shooter to a deck collaps- ing during a party. Look for where you might be caught with your guard down, then build a plan that helps eliminate those weaknesses.” The plan should include a wide range of resources to support effective

response, Ruppe says. “Build check- lists, policies and procedures, pro- cesses and other tools. We had team members attend ASC meetings where they connected with industry profes- sionals willing to share resources that we incorporated into our plan.” Also include tools from your com-

munity, Gellenbeck advises. “Reach out to local emergency preparedness offi- cials to learn about your community’s plan and its participants. Even if your ASC is not considered a participant because you will not take in patients, you must know about designated safe areas and how to solicit resources.” Ruppe adds, “When we joined NWHRN, we received a lengthy list of terrific resources. Many found their way into our plan.”

While performing drills is a CMS requirement, they also can help you



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