A Life of Collecting By Ann Hull

1928. He was bought up like many in that era to mend and make do, never throw anything away, “you never know when it might be useful” - this was Gordon’s motto for the rest of his life!


In 1944, still only 15 years old and too young to join WWII, he went to work for the ‘War Ag’, where he learned to drive a D4 Caterpillar, and plough the land to feed the people.

He ploughed so many hillsides and fields in the area. Due to this

work he got to know the Farmers around Kingcombe, Toller, Bridport etc.

In 1950, Gordon married and moved to Wiltshire. Here he became a tractor driver, soon working his way up to becoming farm manager. His collection of bits and pieces became useful as there was always something that needed mending, and if he didn’t have the right item he would make it.

There was never a day when someone wasn’t knocking on the door asking for Gordon’s help. He was a friendly, gregarious man who

ordon Cleall was born on a farm near Dorchester in

was willing to give his time to help others. Never happier than when he was under the bonnet of a vehicle or tinkering with an old piece of “rusty” metal.

In the 90’s Gordon had the chance to buy a D4 Caterpillar, the same as he had driven in the War Ag. He had it shipped over from Ireland. A big toy, he spent many hours driving it around the fields reliving his teenage years.

Aſter retiring, Gordon returned to his roots. Here he had many sheds and barns to store his collection, with his friends he would go to the local auctions…Oh dear! Soon his collection grew and grew; every space was filled. He was in his element, going to Steam rallies with his collection of Static engines and many other items.

People still continued to ask Gordon for help mending machinery, he always had the ‘right’ part somewhere!

Gordon passed away in October 2018 aged 90 years so the time has come to let other people have the enjoyment of his treasured items from past and present .A sale took place on 10th August: The life time collection from this true Dorset man.

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