Welcome to the first issue of The Vintage Scene. Although my passion lies with the four-legged horse power, I have grown up surrounded by vintage tractors and machinery and a general vintage rural way of life.


My main inspiration in creating this all new publication comes from my father Philip Dodd, pictured on the front cover driving his Ferguson 35. I cannot remember a day that there was not a Ferguson tractor on the Dodd’

Over the years my father has competed at ploughing matches with British Anzani, T

rusty and Ferguson tractors. His latest

stead being a BMB President which has sadly been parked up recently due to ill health.

The passion for the sport has been passed down to my brother, Charlie who won the horticultural section at the British Nationals in 2000 & 2007 2002 with his two wheeled T

also dipped his toe in the water ploughing with a T s , and the Welsh Nationals in

rusty tractor. His son Callum rusty,

before going onto other sports. The latest member of the Dodd family to have caught this vintage bug is Charlie’ youngest son Nathan who is now ploughing with his T

rusty in

horticultural classes, hoping to follow in his father‘s footsteps and compete at the British Nationals one day soon.

The back cover of this first ever issue features a lady whose generosity has made this new venture possible financially, the late Miss Peggy Pacey. Peggy loved her vintage motorbike, tractors and farm machinery. She had many equestrian and farming achievements; but one of her most favoured was

s Oxfordshire premises.

heading up the Banbury Cattle Market with the best pen of store cattle. Peggy is pictured here on the back cover driving her beloved BMC tractor.

We are keen to involve our readers in the content as much as possible. We will be pleased to receive reports from rallies, matches, shows etc. Stories about characters on the vintage scene and stories about restoration projects are always welcome too. This issue boasts over 400 diary dates, so please email in any dates you would like published in future issues. We are also offering free classified advert space for items for sale; simply email or post these to us.

I hope you enjoy this first ever issue of The Vintage Scene, which is available free both online and in print. The printed issues will fly off the shelves very quickly I suspect, so should you wish to be guaranteed a copy through your letterbox, you can subscribe for just £15 (6 issues).

Sister-in-law Sharon Dodd, myself and the rest of the team here at The Vintage Scene look forward to hearing your feedback about our first issue. We will see you next with our November/December issue which should be out during October and has a copy deadline of 10th October.


Philip Dodd

Charlie Dodd

Callum Dodd 4 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019

Nathan Dodd call 01295 404077 to advertise or email

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