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Primary Times is independently published and distributed free through primary schools in Berkshire. It aims to inform families and children about current educational issues, forthcoming events, courses, attractions and to give teachers, pupils and parents the opportunity to participate in the magazine by adding to its contents or by joining in the competitions. It is NOT our intention to publish any racist, sexist or politically based material whatsoever. We also undertake not to carry any advertising which we would consider to be offensive to young families or harmful to the best interests of young children. Primary Times would like to thank all the schools in Berkshire for their assistance in distributing the magazine and for their contributions to its contents. We would also like to thank all the advertisers who have supported this publication and therefore made it possible. Please support their endeavours when and where you can. The copyright on all written material, logos and advertising artwork produced by our studio remains with Primary Times or with the relevant contributor. Primary Times is currently publishing over 2 million copies per issue under franchise licences throughout the UK. Primary Times Berkshire is operated under franchise licence.

Summer break, summer holidays, six weeks off school… call it what you will, for kids, there are no sweeter words! As a parent, while you may be thrilled to have your children at home and have a break from term time routine, there are a lot of days to be filled in the weeks ahead!

In readiness, here’s our bumper issue filled with some firm family favourites for guaranteed fun! We’ve picked out the best activities on offer, special events to attend and fascinating places to visit that deliver plenty of entertainment for all ages, including excellent holiday club options for working parents.

As well as big days out, we know it’s important to have quieter days near home so we’ve highlighted the best soft play, leisure centres, free shopping centre activities or local nature trails. Add in a walk to the park or picnic in the woods and you’ll have the recipe for a perfect summer day – every day!

We wish good luck to the Year Six leavers who are moving on to Secondary School, and hope you relish the next exciting chapter of school life! Finally, don’t miss out on the chance to win some amazing prizes which you can find on our competition pages – a great prize could be the perfect start to your summer!

We’ll be back in September at the start of the new term, but in the meantime, enjoy what we hope will be a very sunny and unforgettable summer with your children.

4 Events Watch 8 Great Days Out

16 WOW – What’s on When

19 Berkshire News

29 Summer Holiday Action

38 Museum Watch 44 Summer Theatre 46 Competitions

Friday 12th

RACING WEEKEND & Saturday 13th

SUMMER MILE July (Family Day) Tickets from £19pp | Fine Dining from £207 + VAT pp

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issue out 4th Sept


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