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Hauraton drainage systems installed at Plant T

he Margam Green Energy Biomass Plant is a 40MW electricity power station utilising chipped wood waste as

fuel otherwise destined for landfill. When fully operational the project will use around 300,000 tonnes of waste wood from nearby regions. The plant is located on land off Harbour Way (A4241), near Margam in South Wales, in an area designated for commercial and industrial development. Built on a 3.98 hectares site the buildings are surrounded by a 6209m2

(66,834ft2 ) concreted yard plus asphalt

access roads and car park. Hauraton supplied three types of channel

to meet the rigorous specifications for surface drainage of the main concreted yard surrounding the plant, weighbridges and car park. Three sizes of RECYFIX®

HICAP® 2000 and 255 metre of HICAP®

specification is highly resistant to extreme loads and constant dynamic forces and was found to be ideal for the weighbridge application. The FASERFIX® SIDE-LOCK®

gratings are secured by patented boltless system. The

system allows gratings to be installed and later, removed quickly. Once a grating is positioned over the channel, foot pressure is simply applied. A loud click is then heard which confirms it is securely locked onto the channel. The grating is removed using a large screwdriver inserted into a discreet leverage point. This feature is particularly useful where channels need to be cleaned out at regularly. Finally, 39 metres of RECYFIX®

PRO 100 high

capacity channels were installed in the yard. 3 metres of HICAP® HICAP®

The total water capacity of the HICAP® channels was just over 20,390 litres. By installing this system, the channel runs were kept to a minimum so saving on installation

1000, 303 metres of 3000.

costs and future maintenance. 42 metres of FASERFIX®

Type 75mm factory fitted with FIBRETEC® heel-safe gratings were installed in the car park. The FIBRETEC®

grating, moulded from a fibre SUPER 150

channels with Class F900 ductile iron 20mm gratings were installed around the two weighbridges. The FASERFIX®


component is made from the company’s Fibre Reinforced Concrete with galvanised steel angle housings moulded into the top edges of the channel during production. This

strengthened Polyamide (PA-GF) and allows loadings up to Class C250 (BSEN 1433) All the RECYFIX®

channel components

specified for the project are made from 100 per cent recycled Polypropylene (PP) derived from post consumer and post industrial sources.

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