School achieves aesthetic fire performance with MEDITE PREMIER FR

system on the use of MEDITE PREMIER FR fire rated panels from MEDITE SMARTPLY The product was specified by architects Chadwick Dryer Clarke Studio (CDC) for acoustic panelling in the new sports hall for the prestigious Stephen Perse Foundation senior school. The sports hall is part of a complete new building designed by CDC, combining sports facilities with new classrooms and social learning spaces – this mixed use made careful consideration of acoustic performance essential. The decision to use acoustic panelling as a solution then provided the opportunity to create an opulent interior that would not only be functional but inspiring. Within the sports hall, approximately 530


MEDITE PREMIER FR panels were installed at high level above a storey-high ‘plinth’ of concrete blockwork. They were finished

state-of-the-art sports and learning- centre in Cambridge features a dramatic space-defining acoustic

schools. As building regulations also state that within schools or similar public buildings a Euroclass B or C fire rated panel must be used and MEDITE PREMIER FR offers the perfect solution. A social working environment and a sense

in RAL 7044, a silk grey tone, which complemented the treated cross-laminated timber (CLT) finish in other areas. The same product was also used around the building for the creation of architraves, skirtings and window linings. Within England, Building Bulletin 93 sets out performance standards for acoustics in

of community was central to the project: an important internal space that would become one of the main hubs of activity in the school. The whole school community, including governors, teachers and pupils, was consulted as part of the design development to ensure the right performance and aesthetic could be achieved. The result is a functional, beautiful building, which uses calming colour and modern shapes to break up and add intriguing interest to the expanse of space within the immense, four-court sports hall. premier-fr

Over 30 years of Glidevale profile and colour matching for tile and slate ventilators

of slate and tile ventilators, with over 450 choices of tile or slate profile available. As one of the market leaders in tile vent manufacture in the UK, Glidevale’s range has been collated for over 30 years and includes hundreds of dedicated profiled tile ventilators matching almost any tile available on the market. In addition to current and newly introduced tiles, the company can create vents for tiles which are no longer made by tile manufacturers, making Glidevale tile vents suitable for new build and retrofit schemes. Alongside its profile matching service,


Glidevale can colour match to the exact blend of colours required. When profile matched and colour blended with neighbouring slates, tiles and ridges, the ventilators are almost indiscernible once installed. In addition to profile matched tile and slate

ventilators, Glidevale offers a range of universal ventilators which fit a large number of tile profiles. Where tile matching is unnecessary and a single solution is required for a number of roofs, the compact universal range can be


utilised. This includes the Glidevale Versa-Tile G5, providing a guaranteed ventilation area of 20,000mm² and purpose made to match virtually all interlocking single lap tiles. Also suitable is the Universal Flat Interlocking In-Line® Tile, which has a guaranteed ventilation area of 10,000mm² and can be used with a range of tile profiles including Marley Modern, Redland Mini Stonewold, Sandtoft Calderdale and Russell Grampian, amongst many others. Tile vents are


offered in seven UV-stable colours and can be easily installed as part of the normal tiling process. The compact universal tile and slate vents

range is typically available ex stock. Profile and colour matched tile and slate ventilators are made to order and can be on site within a few days from manufacture. For more information, please email

0161 905 5700

lidevale, one of the specialist building products and ventilation solutions providers, offers a comprehensive range

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