MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Orthopaedic Procedures in the ASCs Setting I

t doesn’t matter if you spell it orthopaedics or orthopedics, this specialty is very important to the ASC industry. As Baby Boomers, we have worn out our hya- line cartilage, torn our rotator cuffs and, in general, have worn out. In this issue, we are focusing on the growth of orthopaedics as an ASC specialty. According to Sg2 analysis, joint replacement growth in the outpatient set- ting will be 84 percent for hip and knee replacement from 2018 to 2028 and 109 percent for shoulder replacement during the same period of time. Surgical spine growth will be 23 percent in the same period (see page 10 for trends in total joint replacement procedures from Sg2). This growth is associated with a number of factors, advancement in regional blocks, anesthesia, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques, implant, tissue and biologics to name a few. Technology is in a class all its own allowing for 4K visualization, robotics and advanced steriliza- tion to assure our centers are safe. This leads to the migration of higher acuity cases and the advancement of total joints and spine surgeries in the ASC envi- ronment. The continued focus for cost-effective care is now opening doors for ASCs and managed care companies to work together. Medicare also assigned a payment code for Exparel (see page 24 for more on Exparel coding), which is often the drug of choice for a wide selection of orthopedists. In this month’s ASC Focus you will find a number of resources and articles to

help those ASCs that have an orthopaedic program and those that are consider- ing adding it as a specialty. Learn about how to accommodate complex orthope- dic cases in your ASC on page 14; get tips on how to improve outcomes in TJR surgeries on page 16; and read about the ins and outs of performing TJRs in the ASC setting on page 20. If you want to discuss your success stories and challenges in these areas directly with your colleagues, or just want to learn more about the newest devel- opments in joint and spine surgery, I encourage you to join the two pre-confer- ence roundtable discussions on TJR and outpatient spine surgery on Wednes- day, May 15, at ASCA 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Go to annualconference/schedule for the full schedule. I hope to see you at the conference and look forward to hearing your thoughts about orthopaedic procedures in the ASC setting.

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