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tHE Club rounded off 2018 with a Christmas lunch held at Seckford Golf Club, at which members donated money to charity in lieu of sending Christmas cards. A chilly thursday evening in January saw our first meeting of the new year. An informative talk by Max Pemberton on exploring the Irrawaddy River was accompanied by slides, giving us a visual journey through Papua New Guinea and Myanmar (formerly Burma.) Max was able to give us a brief history of Myanmar, pointing out how much control the military have had since the country became independent in 1948. Beautiful architecture was very much in evidence in his pictures of the many temples. Plans for this year include

a Soup Lunch to celebrate International Inner Wheel Day, with any profit going to Shelterbox. Our annual Quiz Night will

be held on Friday 8th March at Woodbridge Community Hall at 7.30pm. For further details or to enter a team, please contact Deirdre Rothwell on 01394 386381.

River Deben Association Meeting

tHE England Coast Path, River Deben Association Autumn Meet- ing November 29th. Speaker: Giles Merritt, Lead Ad- viser, England Coast Path Deliv- ery (Norfolk and Suffolk team) Natural England. Establishing the England Coast Path. the River Deben Association’s Autumn Meeting on November 29th was well attended with over 150 members present. Giles Mer- ritt, Lead Advisor for Natural England Coast path development in Norfolk and Suffolk provided a lively presentation about the Eng- land Coast Path with a particular emphasis on Suffolk and the River Deben. Giles has worked on the England Coast Path for several years, most recently in Essex. His talk covered current routes by the Deben and the challenges faced by Natural England in implement- ing the plans, local progress and the options for the Coast Path between Bawdsey and Felixstowe Ferry. Giles explained that the England Coast Path was supported with extra funding from the Govern- ment in 2014 with the target for completion in 2020. the Path has a statutory framework going back as far as 2009. the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 established a coastal access duty - to create a long- distance walking route around the English coast (the England Coast Path) which should be accessible to the public on foot. Natural Eng- land is charged with its delivery and must adhere to the Coastal Access Scheme which ensures

that a balance is struck between the interests of those who own the land and the public in having new access rights over the land. It’s a challenging balancing act, factors which must be taken into consideration include: for the pub- lic: proximity of trail to the sea, views, safety and continuity of the path, for private interests: opera- tional needs, income, privacy and change of use. the Act also enables Natural England to respond to coastal change through proposing ‘roll back’ which will allow the path to be moved back if the coastline changes. Over the 5 year period 2015-2020 Natural England aims to have completed 65 stretches - that’s 2,700 miles - so the timetable is ambitious, but Giles says that Natural England are on target for completion within the time frame of 2020. the programme is re- quired by the Marine and Coastal Access Act to undertake extensive consultation (with local interest groups, landowners and statutory and environmental bodies) on proposed routes and plans. the plans, maps and routes also have to be approved by the Secretary of State. Any objection raised must be discussed further with object- ing parties.these views must also be passed to the Secretary of State, who has the power to appoint an adjudicator to hear any objections. the Secretary of State makes the final determination. What does this mean for Suf- folk? Over the last three years Natural England has been con-

sulting and planning with Suffolk County Council to implement five stretches of the Coastal path, rep- resenting 146 miles of pathway. However, 85% of the trail will be along existing rights of way, so us- ing 116 miles of footpaths which are currently accessible. the proposed plans are scheduled for publication in Summer 2019 with a further opportunity for consul- tation and then works will begin to develop new parts of the trail where there are gaps and improve existing pathways and rights of way. Maps of the route will be published in 2020, with the route clearly waymarked as part of the England Coast Path. Implications for the River De- ben Estuary. Naturally, members wanted to know how specifically the proposal would affect our river. the Marine and Coast Act provides specific statutory discre- tion called “Estuary Discretion” which applies to the Deben. De- ciding whether to apply estuary discretion includes the following considerations: staying in touch with an estuary “feel”, the eco- nomic cost of maintaining and developing a path along meander- ing reaches of river, the distance up the estuary walkers may need to travel to cross the river, extent of “excepted land” e.g. ports, in- dustrial estates, features of inter- est which would make an estuary route attractive to walkers, the existence of a ferry route. A major additional factor is the protection from disturbance of wildlife, particularly in areas where there has been no footpath

Woodbridge Elects

in recent use. the Felixstowe Ferry to Bawdsey path is a 25 mile stretch and ap- proximately 80% of the route will use existing public rights of way. the three main gaps in the Deben estuary route are: Waldringfield to Martlesham, around Sutton Hoo, Ramsholt to Bawdsey. A number of people expressed a strong preference for Natural Eng- land to use the foot ferry between Bawdsey and Felixstowe Ferry, rather than have a path around the estuary. A year-round on-demand service for the ferry had been pi- loted in the winter of 2017/2018 with support from the AONB and other public and community bod- ies. Suggestions were made that Natural England should contrib- ute to the cost of running the ferry year-round, but Giles explained that ferry costs were not within the remit of the England Coast Path budget. Publication of proposed routes and completion of works 2019/20. Giles is meeting key landown-

ers and stakeholders such as the AONB Unit and working closely with Suffolk County Council to establish the best way forward. He also intends to meet the Environ- ment Agency to assess flood risk issues. the decision on estuary discretion has yet to be made. As with all Suffolk stretches, a re- striction on what is called “spread- ing room” or directing the path onto saltmarsh and mudflats will apply which will protect a very precious characteristic of the De- ben. Publication of final routes on Natural England’s website is like- ly to be Spring/Summer 2019 and hard reference copies will also be lodged in local libraries. the launch of the completed Path in 2020 will follow the final report and it is likely that local walking groups will then seek to promote the walks as part of their pro- gramme. Photograph reprinted courtesy of Natural England.

At a recent Council meeting, Woodbridge town Council were delighted to elect a new Honorary Freeman, Mrs Jean Wallace. Woodbridge has a roll of 12 Honorary Freeman. the vacan- cy occurred after the sad pass- ing of a previous Freeman. the vacancy was advertised and a total of nine nominations were made. All Freeman must live within three miles of Wood- bridge and have given to the life of the town. Mrs Wallace was nominated because of the contribution she has made to the community of Woodbridge through her work with St thomas of Canter- bury Roman Catholic Church, Churches together in Wood- bridge and Melton, Woodbridge town Museum and New Hori- zons Lunch Club. Mrs Wallace said ‘I feel real-

New Honorary Freeman

ly honoured to have been elect- ed as an Honorary Freeman of Woodbridge especially when you realise how much the other nominees do for the town’. town Mayor, Councillor David Mortimer, said ‘vacancies to become Honorary Freemen are few and far between and are ea- gerly contested. It is testament to the work that Mrs Wallace does, that she has been elected to this very small and elite band. I look forward to formal- ly welcome her as an Honorary Freeman in the Spring.’


tucked away beside the Yarmouth Road in Melton lies St Audrys Golf Club. the 9 hole course is 2,000 yards long and is set in beautiful countryside with generous fairways and challenging greens. there is a smart clubhouse and ample free parking for members and visitors. New members and visitors are made very welcome. there are several categories of membership with the maximum annual fee being below £400 with currently no joining fee. Please see the website at www. for details. the club was established in

1966 and is set in the grounds that were once St Audrys Hospital. there is a vibrant ladies’ section, a very active seniors’ section, a junior section and a mens’ section. St Audrys GC is an ideal club for beginners, lapsed players looking to get back into the

sport and experienced players who may appreciate the less demanding terrain found on other courses.


Volunteering as therapy twenty years ago I took early retirement from a fulfilling teaching job. Suddenly I found myself with time on my hands and a very narrow social life. A friend suggested that I

might volunteer to join the committee of the Burness Parish Rooms in Melton. He was Chairman at the time, and very aware of how challenging it can be to keep such wonderful local amenities running efficiently. Unlike many other village halls, the Parish Rooms are a private charity run by a committee of volunteers. I accepted his offer and have

never regretted it over the past two decades. I have made many new friends both on the committee and through some

MELTON BOAT YARD LTD (Formerly Granary Yacht Harbour)

Dock Lane, Melton, Woodbridge, IP12 1PE Tel: (01394) 386327

DEEP WATER BERTHS FROM 26FT TO 36FT Cranage and Laying up available, Water, Electricity

All Boatyard facilities for Wood, GRP and Steel Marine Engineering

36 Ton Travel Hoist available Open: 09.00 to 17.00 Hrs

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Convenient for Woodbridge and the A12 Parking and Kitchen facilities available

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For further information and prices please contact Colin Birkbeck on 01394 385 822 or go to JANUARY 2019

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Suitable for clubs, societies, meetings, social events and functions at very reasonable rates.

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Focus on Melton

of the many organisations who use the hall. I love being a member of the Village Produce Association and the Melton Local History Society, though have to confess to never trying Zumba, or attending the Yoga class. Participating in this way has

been hugely therapeutic and enormous fun. I also feel proud to be able to play a part in the ongoing history of a settlement that was mentioned in the Domesday Book and was much more important than that upstart settlement of Woodbridge. As the building has been gradually modernised and become increasingly popular, it is also a chance to keep village life thriving. So maybe it is a good time

to repeat the invitation my friend extended to me twenty years ago: if you have a little time, maybe some useful skills, and would like to help to keep Melton on the map, why not contact our Chairman, Colin Birkbeck, on 01394 385 822 or check out the website (www. I am looking forward to

meeting you.


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Country garages don’t come any more industrious than C.A.R in St Audrys Lane, Melton. Having been in the business now for over 30 years, Bob Champkin joined by his son Luke, is as busy as ever. A local friendly face combines with modem tooling and equipment to provide hundreds of loyal customers exactly the kind of service they expect. All aspects of servicing, MOts, welding, bodywork etc are professionally completed. Work is undertaken on

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���������������������������������������������������� !�������" ���������!���

all makes and models, including classic cars and 4x4s. A comprehensive range of service items for Ford, Peugeot and Citroen are kept in stock, although all other manufacturer’s parts are normally available same day, via a range of trusted parts suppliers. A small selection of used cars is available and they can source a car to suit your requirements. For local friendly service call

01394 383365.


Poppy’s Pantry is an award winning social enterprise based in Melton. We are a wholefood shop carrying a range of foods suitable for vegans and vegetar- ians as well as dietary require- ments and fresh local vegeta- bles. Products are ethically sourced and fair trade where they can be. We are doing our bit to

reduce plastic waste too! We have refill stations from wash- ing up liquids to fabric condi- tioners from Ecover and Eco- leaf to Faith in Nature sham-

More than just a shop

Tractor & Agricultural Construction

local veg vegan


gluten free eco products refills

Units 2-6, The Sidings, Wilford Bridge Road, Melton, IP12 1TB


Improve your health Find new friends Enjoy stunning scenery on your doorstep!


Tel. 01394 610528

TO FIND OUT MORE VISIT call 01394 380200

email: WOOD 5

Welding Repairs, Fabrication & Machinery Installation. Workshop or on-site

poos, shower gels and condi- tioners. Shampoo bars are also available and we sell reusable wax food wraps from a local supplier to help you cut down on single use plastic. Where we package our own products, we have recently branched into using biodegradable packag- ing, once you have finished using the bag simply put in your compost bin and it will break down with the cold and damp. Poppy’s Pantry is open 6

days a week, Monday to Sat- urday.




Champkin Auto Repairs Ltd For All Car Repairs

Parkwood,12 St. Audreys Lane, Melton, Suffolk IP12 1QP Tel: 01394 383365





019935 11011710



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