Wildlife Gardening

tHERE will be a chance to find out how to make your garden more wildlife friendly when Cathy Smith gives a talk on Wildlife Gardening at Woodbridge Community Hall on thursday 21st February, starting at 7.30 pm. this talk has been organised by Suffolk Wildlife trust’s Woodbridge Group and Chairman Phil Smith said “We don’t all have the space to dig a pond or sow a wild- flower meadow, but there are still small changes we can make in our gardens to create a potential haven for a wide range of species. I invite peo- ple to come along and find out more about this fascinating subject.” Admission is £3 for adults with under 16’s free of charge. there will be a raffle and light refreshments. For more information, please telephone 01473 625630 or e mail swtwoodbridge@out-

Animal World: Taking care of our furry, four-legged friends

IS your older dog or cat less active? Stiff? Losing weight or having accidents? People often put slowness or lack of activ- ity down to age itself, unaware that their beloved pet is putting up with chronic pain and other problems, many of which are easily treated. I understand that a lot of people

are reluctant to take their older pet to the vet, perhaps concerned about the consequences of admit- ting that their pet is in pain. We all have aches and pains from time to time and older pets, like older relatives, will suffer more. But that does not mean that their qual- ity of life is unacceptable. Anti- inflammatories and other joint supplements will often allow them to play like they used to and give them a new lease of life. Consider getting a raised bed or

bean bag to sleep on to relieve pressure on old joints. Keep up with their exercise but be realistic about what your pet can manage. A walk to the first lamppost and back two or three times a day may not seem like a lot but it is very beneficial to your old pets mental and physical well being. Cats that can’t jump so well

will welcome strategically placed chairs or stools so that they don’t have to make the jump on or off their favourite sleeping place in one go. Some may also appreci- ate a litter tray indoors, and remember to keep an eye on their claws, which may need more fre- quent trimming. Older dogs and cats, like older

people, lose confidence. Shiny laminate floors can be a worrying challenge for an older pet anxious about pulling on a stiff joint. Put-

ting down non slip matting will make a real difference to them. Going downstairs is hard for dogs, especially if they can’t see well so make sure your stairs are well lit. tooth problems are common

and often overlooked. Pets with tooth ache do not stop eating but they do stop enjoying life, sit qui- etly, play less and become more irritable. A dental procedure to remove infected teeth, carried out under a carefully monitored anaesthetic is a small risk to undertake to ensure your pet’s mouth is comfortable and pain free. Owners often remark after- wards that their pet is a lot more active and engaged. Finally, don’t ignore problems

in your older pet just because you think nothing can be done or because you think your vet will

FRAM and Sax CP would like to thank everyone who was kind enough to donate food, gifts and money through various means over the festive period. Our food collection bins were full, money was given, wonderful knits were crafted and Amazon Wishlist parcels kept arriving. We and the cats in our care are extremely grateful. It is only through such generosity that we can carry on caring for and homing cats and kittens and continuing our welfare, support and education. Cat Advice: What to do if

you find a 'stray' cat. Most cats by nature are inclined to roam the area surrounding their home. If an unfamiliar cat appears it may not be easy to tell if it is a stray, a feral or if it is in fact an owned cat with a sense of adventure or possibly one just looking for extra food!

News from Framlingham and Saxmundham Cats Protection

So what should you do? It is important to assess whether the cat is a stray, a feral or an owned cat. If it appears well-groomed and is a healthy weight, it may have an owner nearby; a feral will behave like a wild animal and won't come close, even with encouragement; a stray might look lost and disorientated, but may be friendly if given time. It is advisable not to feed unknown cats that come into your garden (or home) unless they are clearly underweight. this will only encourage them to keep coming back and they may have owners feeding them too and importantly, they may have special dietary requirements due to health issues. If the cat is friendly and you feel it is safe to approach and handle it, check if there is an identification tag; if there is, contact the owner and let them

recommend that you have your pet put to sleep. the earlier you get some advice on lumps, bad breath, puddling or excessive thirst, the more options you will have. And remember too, that you don’t have to treat every problem. As long as your pet has an acceptable quality of life then you can decide, with your vet, whether to treat them or not.


FIRE Engines interrupted Woodbridge Rotary’s Christmas Carol Concert on Woodbridge Market Hill on Wednesaday evening 19th December. the carol concert had just got underway at about 6.45pm when fire engines interrupted the carols to attend to a fire alarm that had gone off in St Mary’s church premises. It was a lovely but cold evening and a large crowd was assembled on the Market Hill. Rotarian Ron Hepworth OBE acting as master of ceremonies introduced the rotary president Sandy Hamilton. Sandy then presented the Christmas tree to the mayor of Woodbridge, David Mortimer. this is the 67th year Woodbridge Rotary Club have donated a tree to the

town. the reverend Clive Howard

of St. John’s Church then conducted the carol concert around the magnificent illuminated tree. Another interruption of the evening followed when a police van with flashing lights arrived on the scene. “Not another problem” thought the crowd but no it was the arrival of father Christmas bearing presents. He climbed the stairs in front of the Shire Hall and proceeded to give out thousands of sweets to the waiting excited children. It was truly a fantastic evening and during the event a collection was held for the Just 42 charity and over £1000 was donated.

know the situation. If there is no visible ID you can take the cat to your nearest vet to scan for a microchip, or call your local Cats Protection branch for help and advice. to see if someone has reported their beloved pet missing check local social media sites and CP branch websites (or telephone local CP helplines); advertise the cat you've found using flyers or social media sites, and if you can safely handle the cat you could attach a paper collar (a link to a template is on our website) on which you can put your details and ask the owner to contact you. Find more information on our website about how to identify whether a cat is a stray or possibly feral. Looking for a home: Scamp

and Louis are devoted young pals who are looking for a home together. Scamp is shiny,

black and a very cheeky little chappy, Louis is a very sweet ginger boy. Could you offer them their ideal home and their start in life? See our website: framandsax. or telephone 01728 723499 for more information

about adopting cats in our care; event dates; neutering; cat-care leaflets; how to become a volunteer fundraiser or fosterer and other ways you can support us. Also find us on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.





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