Scottish Genomes Partnership

Genomics central to medicine’s

advance DNA tests could transform healthcare’s next 70 years


atients in Scotland could benefit from a revolution in personalised healthcare, thanks to major investments in gene sequencing technology. Researchers say

pioneering techniques that can sequence a person’s entire genetic make-up in under three days have the potential to transform patient care in the coming decades. Te establishment of two cutting-edge

centres for genome sequencing, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and the contribution of NHS staff from across Scotland, have laid the foundations. Work carried out by the Scottish Genomes Partnership, a collaboration led by the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow,

Delivering precise molecular information could ultimately enable prevention of diseases

Aberdeen and Dundee, and NHS Scotland, has given researchers unprecedented access to sequencing technologies. Findings from the project are already

helping to improve diagnoses of patients in the Scottish NHS, as well as advancing the understanding of rare and common diseases including cancer. More than 400 NHS Scotland

patients and their families have now had their genetic make-up decoded under the scheme. “Tis technology offers one of the biggest

opportunities in today’s NHS, delivering precise molecular information that is changing the management of diseases,” said Professor Tim Aitman, director of the Centre of Genomic and Experimental Medicine at Edinburgh University, and co-chair of the Scottish Genomes Partnership (SGP). “It could also ultimately enable prevention of diseases.” Professor Andrew Biankin, Director of the

Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre at the Glasgow University and the SGP’s co-chair, added: “Genomic testing allows us to start predicting which therapies will work best for an individual cancer patient, improving outcomes whilst minimising side-effects and cost.” Te SGP has received funding from NHS Scotland, the Scottish Government, and the UK Medical Research Council. Professor Zosia Miedzybrodzka, of

Aberdeen University and lead clinical geneticist for the SGP, said: “NHS Scotland scientists and clinicians will be working over the next year to turn the complex DNA sequence data we have collected into test results that can make a real difference to the lives of patients and their families.” Fiona Murphy, director of the NHS National

Services Division, added: “Innovation has driven huge changes in the NHS over the past 70 years with new technologies bringing benefits to all patients. Genomics will be central to future medical advances.” n

Glasgow Clyde College would like to congratulate the NHS Scotland on their 70th Anniversary.

Glasgow Clyde College has been a close and trusted partner of the NHS for many years, both in our legacy colleges and in the vibrant new college we have become today. Working collaboratively, we have helped make Glasgow Clyde College the leading training provider for the NHS workforce and helped change many lives by growing countless careers in Scotland. Over the years we have

celebrated countless award- winning achievements, both old and new, that have only been made possible by longstanding trust and friendship. Our

proudest moments include: l Writing and co-developing the HNC in Care and Administrative Practice, now the national standard for care support

workers in Scotland. l Creating and delivering the HNC in Occupational Therapy Support, now the only undergraduate OT programme in the UK and celebrating its

28 | NHS70 | SUMMER 2018

25th year of delivery. l Designing and creating the

first entirely online qualification for Prosthetic and Orthotic technicians in the UK, our PDA in

Rehabilitation Technology. l Offering over 125 places a year in our enormously successful SWAP Access to Nursing and Medical Sciences programmes, which send our most excluded adult returners into guaranteed degree places at Scotland’s best

universities. l Training 50 lab technicians a year in our new HND in

Biomedical Science. l Managing the largest Modern Apprenticeship programme in Scotland for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, training over

100 young apprentices. l Becoming the first deliverer of Foundation Apprenticeships in both Health and Social Services

to school pupils in Glasgow. l Designing a bespoke GP Practice training programme hosting an annual skills

conference for the last 10 years. l Writing the brand-new PDA

in Midwifery to help meet the skills gap in this much needed

specialism. l Boasting the most qualified and credible educators in the sector in our outstanding Health and Life Sciences team, so many recruited from or

still working in your ranks. Here’s to another 70 years

of saving and changing lives together.

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