Mad as a Potter

It was a mad, mad month, mad hot that is, as we enjoyed or endured the endless heatwave, praying for rain! We finally saw a heavy shower on July 26th at our club meeting.

President Kate held her first meeting of the new Inner Wheel year at Elsham Hall where, after a light supper, we went into the converted stables to the ‘Mad as a Potter’ studio.

All the tables were set out with paints, brushes and everything we needed to create our pottery masterpieces. With great trepidation we dabbed and daubed under the patient support and guidance of the artists and within two hours had all created a personalised bowl, plate or mug and felt quite pleased with ourselves! The results were on view at the August meeting and everyone agreed - we had all done well!

Blankets for Aquabox or the Healing Power of Knitting

Hall Green Club (District 6) has been donating small knitted blankets to Aquabox, adding that home-made touch to all the centrally-bought items essential for survival and recovery following a disaster.

We’ve been really lucky, in that some yarn has been donated by non-members and at least one of us is given yarn for her birthday. What’s left over from knitting blankets is made into small items such as hats and teddies. The blankets shown are really a winter job, because the squares are joined-on-the-go: no separate squares to sew or crochet together. After a while it becomes a very cosy knee rug, and you soon realise what a benefit it will be to someone in need.

One of our knitters has read yet again that knitting lowers blood pressure, slows the onset of dementia and counters depression. If that’s the case and you really enjoy knitting and can help the needy, it’s win, win, win.

International Visitor for Windsor and Eton

Windsor and Eton Inner Wheel Club (District 9) was delighted to welcome to their September meeting an International guest from India. Parinita Kapoor is President of the Inner Wheel Club of Karnal Mid Town, India. The town of Karnal is in the state of Haryana and situated north of Delhi and not far from the Punjab. It has a population of nearly 300,000. Parinita was welcomed by President Mary Weaver and the two Presidents exchanged banners. Karnal Inner Wheel Club is actively involved in many community projects including providing food and clothing for disabled children and encouraging mothers to breast feed. Donations are also made to help run orphanages.

The photograph shows President Mary Weaver with Parinita Kapoor and her daughter Aanchal.

Kirkcudbright Inner Wheel support Rotary’s

Cycling Sportif It begins on a Friday morning, when the sound of chopping and chatting can be heard coming from Barbara’s kitchen. Why so many vegetables, chats and cups of coffee?

Kircudbright Inner Wheel Club (District 2) is preparing the ingredients for its famed, all inclusive, spicy vegetable soup. The soup is the lunch (some say reward) for the cyclists who take part in Kirkcudbright Rotary Club’s charity event, The Cycling Sportif. This year the event was held in August. Over 150 riders had a choice of three courses, either 102 miles, 67 miles or 30 miles, through the beautiful Galloway scenery.

On the Saturday morning, base is the Parish Church Hall and the kitchen throngs with preparation. Home made cakes are delivered, rolls are prepared, vast cauldrons of soup are stirred. But above all, the camaraderie of working together in friendship is evident.

Chelsea and Westminster welcomes visitor from Bangladesh

Khodeza visited London recently and met members of District 13. She was a charming person and we hope to see her again as she has a daughter currently in London and a nephew in Dartford. She also has a son and daughter living in the USA.

She joined Inner Wheel in 2016 and is already ISO for her Club, Dhaka Buriganga, having been Club Correspondent in the previous year. Her Club focuses more on women and young girls – also focusing on Skills Development for women keeping in mind the theme of this year “Empower and Evolve”. Projects include: Education of poverty-stricken female students; joint projects at Cancer Hospital and Eye Hospital; distribution of food among slum children’s working mothers; distribution of essential medicines among the Rohingya refugees; sanitation projects; plantation projects; branding Inner Wheel at different hospitals.

Khodeza has Botany degrees and has worked in the Microbiology Laboratory at Central Middlesex Hospital and has taught biology both in Virginia, USA and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her husband is a professor at Dhaka University.

War Children

Glimpse you the faces of the children of war? Nestled between shadowy peace of mother’s skirt or shawl, Wide-eyed fear on faces, young Seeing horrors - of dead fly through the air. Did they see the guilty? Who caused this sad affair?

Too numb to utter – how can they speak? Will they ever live a childhood? Free of fear and stress?

Who is responsible for this great unholy mess? Question the right of man to take up arms

When this world needs LOVE and FOOD, And Man to work the farms. Centuries of war, Evil and Cruel

STILL children suffer – so man can rule. Will there ever be a time? To glimpse a smiling face? Or are we doomed with the title, A TERRIBLE HUMAN RACE.

By Jean Griffiths – D 6

As the weary cyclists return, they are enthusiastic and very grateful for the lunch that the Inner Wheel Club provides. The opportunity to support our Rotary colleagues and to be part of such a hugely successful event is something that we look forward to every year.

Janice Thompson Club Correspondent

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