Anthea’s Aims

Inner Wheel seized the opportunity to be “on air” recently in Chelmsford, “the Home of Radio”.

Anthea Tilsley, Membership Officer and former President of the Chelmsford Mildmay Club was invited to be interviewed by Rotarian, Dave Almond on the “Rotary Round Up” broadcast by Chelmsford Community Radio, presented monthly by Dave and fellow Rotarian Rob Peters.

committee will be to promote Inner Wheel by supporting the retention of existing clubs and encouraging new members. The committee will meet three times a year and Anthea explained they report to the Association Executive on ideas put forward by members.

She aims to have a cohesive strategic plan to drive the organisation forward and make clubs attractive and appealing. She was clear about the need to be realistic about our target groups and be prepared to adjust our thinking, our attitudes and rules…she commented that “pink elastic springs to mind!” This, she added, could include considering e-groups and greater use of social media. She feels it will be important to make more widely known what we do in response to disasters at home and abroad. Our individual themes, such as the Wheels Project to celebrate Inner Wheel’s 90th anniversary and the current three-year social project, Caring for Women and Girls, show how Inner Wheel can work with business groups, local schools and other voluntary organisations.

Anthea highlighted the range of acts of service and fund raising carried out by our 15,000 members of which, as she said, “Many of the public are blissfully unaware”.

The focus of the interview was Anthea’s recent election as Chair of the Membership and Development Committee of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in GB&I. This gave Anthea the opportunity to outline how her three-year role with the

Inner Wheel Visits Parliament

Association President Ann Acaster was invited to represent Inner Wheel in GB&I and Rotary, by past RIBI President Peter King and District 1180 Governor Steve Martin on the recent visit to Parliament. She was accompanied by Angela Williams, Member of Council for District 18 and Ambassador for Sightbox. Other guests included Blind Veterans UK, Merseyside Scouts and Merseyside Police.

Pupils from St Vincent’s School, Liverpool, presented their ceramic work at the palace of Westminster, to be displayed in Parliament as part of work to leave a lasting legacy for those who lost their sight in the Great War.

On Monday 29th October, the pupils took a large ‘War Panel’, similar to the one being gifted to the City of Liverpool for display in St George’s Hall, along with an individual ceramic poppy for each Member of Parliament. The Prime Minister wore hers at Prime Minister’s Question Time on Wednesday 31st Oct and mentioned where it had come from.

As Ambassador for Sightbox, Angela was able to give a brief overview of the journey of Sightbox since its launch back in April 2016. She spoke on how Sightbox and its contents are providing a vision for visually impaired children and adults around the world. No one in society should be segregated – all should be included in their own right in today’s society. The future brings children from the 3rd world here to the UK on educational exchange programmes.

Angela’s involvement with Sightbox could be said to have come about almost by accident. As a result of being invited to speak at St Vincent’s School on the subject of recycling, she was present at an award ceremony on the evening that Sightbox was

Listeners could not but be impressed by Anthea’s passion and support for IW and her intention to inspire us all to use our talents and skills. She summed it all up by saying she wanted local people to say, “I like what IW is doing in our community – I would like to be part of that!”

A trip down Memory Lane

You don't have to spend a lot of money on a speaker to have an enjoyable time. At a recent meeting we asked members to bring along and talk about an item which was special to them.

Two members brought items of jewellery - one was a beautiful silver locket, a birthday present from her boyfriend at the time. When she opened it up, inside was not the usual photograph, but a slip of paper with the words, "Will you marry me?" Now after forty years of marriage, the locket still contains this precious slip of paper. The other jewellery item was a gold ring made from the gold wedding rings belonging to the member's mother and grandmother. She had photos of these two ladies and the family resemblance was very striking.

launched. Quickly realising the value of this, Angela persuaded Ann Acaster, at that point Association International Service Chairman, to promote it at that year’s Leicester Assembly. Angela took the first Sightbox out to Nepal in 2017 and returned there in November. There are further exciting plans ahead for 2019 including visits to The Gambia. The last word from Angela herself helps to show her passion for the work with Sightbox,

“I cannot believe the journey that I am on and what I am achieving en route.”

When Anita Tippin was District Chairman, the entertainment for our District Get Together at the Association Conference was Desert Island Discs with Anita as the castaway. One of her chosen pieces of music was Tommy Steele Singing the Blues reminding her of teenage years dancing the night away.

Following the Conference, members of Redditch Inner Wheel kindly gave her a 78rpm record of Singing the Blues which was a wonderful memento!

One member brought 4 precious items; a small shoe she had worn as a baby and a tiny red velvet baby shoe worn by her mother. She also had an item of child's clothing which may have belonged to her mother when a toddler. Her final item was a delicate hand-made cotton bonnet, which had belonged to one of her great-grandmothers. Treasures indeed.

We saw beautiful family heirloom photograph albums with photographs from over 100 years which had helped a member who was tracing her ancestors to put faces to the names on the family tree. She is also now consulted by other members of the family wishing to know more about their heritage.

Some memorabilia were simpler; memories of how a member's father, on a farm visit, had rescued a corgi puppy from being teased by little boys. This small dog became her constant companion. Another was how smells, especially of cows, chicken feed, sawmills and newly mown hay can be reminders of many happy childhood summer holidays spent on a family farm. The final items were another photograph album and a book, this time concerning the member's father who, in 1930, had been in charge of a fleet of Wolseley cars commissioned by the Prince of Wales (future King Edward VIII) for a tour of Africa. Her father had accompanied the trip with the Prince of Wales and was referred to in many entries in the book, which was a compilation of the itinerary, maps and letters.

Most of us have known one another for 30 years or more, but we learned things that we have not known before and members' memorabilia sparked off memories for the rest of us.

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Fostering International Relations

Recently while in Australia, I accessed the Inner Wheel Club of Broadstairs via our District 12 website, to show friends what we are doing in the club. Do you know that our Club Programmes can be viewed via the internet all around the world? I understand that we have received 81,000 hits on District 12, this year alone. Are you happy with the image you present? How do we want the international community to see us? We are not only demonstrating a view of ourselves as a Club, but we are also providing an insight into the town in which we live. This is true of all our Inner Wheel websites where we want to show our great organisation in the best possible light.

Broadstairs Club recently received a request, via our website, to meet up with Monica Padovan Bezzegato from the International Inner Wheel Club of Padova in Italy. Monica was visiting Broadstairs and, having found us on the web, made contact. Joint Presidents Pat Barnes and Linda Short met up with her and brought her along to our Club coffee morning. I hope we made a good impression! We were certainly “vibrant” as discussion focused on arrangements for our forthcoming Fashion Show. Presidents Pat and Linda later met up with Monica again on a more personal basis, exchanging views on how our individual Clubs operate.

To Foster International Relations – this is what the website is about; it is not for ourselves that we record events on the web, but by default we provide an image of ourselves to the world at large.

Dorothy Reid – Inner Wheel Club of Broadstairs

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