General Secretary’s Report and President’s Column GENERAL SECRETARY’S REPORT

Dear Members We are

time almost at the

of our conference, and Christmas is only a few weeks away, in fact by the time most of the membership read this journal, the conference and training day will be over. The journal will be available at the conference as part of the conference package, but will be posted to members on the day of the conference so I guess it will start dropping through your letter boxes the following day.

Following the survey we have carried out, most members thought the website needed updating, so we have already started work on this, we may have a draft copy available for the AGM. There will be some other small changes, most companies who advertise in the e-directory also advertise in the buyers guide, so we have decided to merge the two options together, this will make keeping the information up to date easier. We will also be able to check the links from our website to our advertisers work correctly, we hope this will give more traffic through our website.

At our recent council meetings it has been noticeable that the number of people attending has reduced in recent times, we think that the main reason for this is the reduced activity

in branches so for many members the only contact with the Institute is with receiving of the journal. If anyone would like to join council to help run the Institute please contact me and we can talk about what is required, in general council members are elected at our AGM but have to look at future membership which would mean new members being put up for election at next year’s AGM.

The journal is still in need of technical papers and company news so if you can provide any of these articles please send them to me and I will pass them to our journal team.

Over the next month or so I will be preparing invoices for membership and buyers guide so with the conference, training day, and this I am going to be very busy.

As we approach the year end, there has been a lot of work by the council/executive and I would like to thank all who have worked very hard producing the journal, organising the conference and training day along with running the Institute. I am not sure that members understand the time and effort that is required to keep the Institute running.

This is the last journal of the year so I would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jayne Woodhead

General Secretary & Treasurer Institute of Refractories Engineers


Dear Members and Colleagues

Clocks have moved again: never

quite sure about

whether they go back or forward. Think it must be relative to your point of reference. To get me out of the confusion of it all, I tend to go back to the fundamentals of the sun rising and setting whilst we as humans mess around with adjusting clocks to suit us better.

November 2018 Issue

The last part of this year has arrived and marks the start of a new phase: Halloween, bonfires and then Christmas and New Year …. and short days!

This is in fact the last time I will be in communication with all the members for this year. And although it is still some time away from Christmas and New Year, I will have to adapt to the high street culture and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in November!

Some of you may be reading this while in the conference. Maybe it is a sign of boredom, but I guess it is still better than spotting you on social media during a presentation. So if I have managed to have your attention this far, maybe I could hold it for a while longer.


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