FIXTURES & FINISHES Clean paint solutions from Crown Trade

As well as providing colour, paint should also provide protection which is why paint brand Crown Trade has extended its Clean Extreme range to offer specifiers a trio of high performance products to help combat the common problems of dirt, mould and bacteria. The water-based range offers three quick drying and low odour solutions to creating clean and hygienic surfaces and features Clean Extreme Anti-Bacterial Scrubbable Matt, Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable

Matt and Clean Extreme Mould Inhibiting Scrubbable Matt. The full Clean Extreme range is also available in a high performance, stain-resistant, durable and washable Acrylic Eggshell mid sheen finish. National Ventilation’s IntelliSystem MVHR

National Ventilation has launched the Monsoon EnergysaverTM IntelliSystem Heat Recovery Unit. Offering a smarter way to whole house ventilation, the IntelliSystem is a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit that is near silent, has market-leading efficiency and offers easy control via its touch screen or wifi linked App. Designed to offer the ultimate MVHR solution in one unit, the IntelliSystem is ideal for self-builders and small developers. Offering state-of -the art controls the

IntelliSystem boasts both an easy-to-use App or touch screen controls. Households can simply download the IntelliSystem’s free App onto their smartphones which enables simple control over their indoor air quality.

01823 690 290 Design service makes ventilation a breeze

National Ventilation has designed and supplied a whole house ventilation system to a two-storey home being built in Taunton, Somerset. National Ventilation worked with the owner and designer to create a system that would provide the correct levels of ventilation and physically work within the existing structure. National Ventilation’s free design service includes unit calculations, a full kit list as well as recommended duct routes. Using project drawings, National Ventilation uses its specialist ventilation

equipment knowledge coupled with software programmes to specify the correctly sized ventilation units and the correct type and lengths of ducting – whilst ensuring a ventilation system meets Building Regulations.

01823 690 290 Osmo UK expands range of wood adhesives

Osmo UK, an eco-friendly wood and finishes specialist, has expanded its range of wood adhesives with a new durable product developed for use in the home. Introducing the D3 Express Wood Adhesive, a ready to use water resistant adhesive that is specially formulated for use on interior and exterior wooden furniture and joinery. The hard- wearing formula of the D3 Express Wood Adhesive is suitable for gluing all types of wood. Developed not only to secure wood to wood, the versatile adhesive can fix

paper, cardboard, and textile-backed PVC to wood and board. For stockist details and more information on Osmo and its range of products and specialist finishes, you can visit their website. How a WC is helping one man get his privacy back

When electrician Kyle McAdam Whyte arranged to go out with friends four years ago, he little realised the consequences: it would involve him losing even his ability to go to the loo without help. The car in which he was passenger was involved in an accident, which left Kyle unconscious and with life-changing injuries. High level spinal damage has left him unable to do most things for himself – even daily activities such as going to the toilet. So, he has used some of his compensation to adapt his family home, and install the latest in smart toilet technology – a Closomat Asana. The contemporary, sleek wall-hung WC delivers what is claimed to be the ultimate in intimate care, by push button or remote control. Integrated douching and drying deliver hygienic and thorough cleaning. The user is left feeling fresh and dry without any need to wipe – or be wiped. Asana also offers unrivalled personalisation: the concealed cistern can be built into the wall, or hidden behind a choice of sleek back panels in a choice of finishes; operation can be via the integrated push buttons on the edge of the pan, remote control, or, if being used as a conventional WC, via a choice of smart flush devices. Asana is the latest evolution of smart toilets from one of the UK’s brand leaders, Closomat. Kyle commented: “It looks much better than anything else like it on the market. Also, in my opinion, it washes and dries more effectively too. I feel much cleaner.” 0161 969 1199 Helping self builders’ sustainable spec

Many self-builders set out to build as sustainably as possible. When it comes to paint, one company specialises in sustainable specification but goes beyond that to deliver excellent performance and aesthetics. Earthborn uses carefully selected ingredients and technologically advanced manufacturing processes. No oils or acrylics means high breathability and no toxic emissions. Its range includes interior and exterior paints as well as specialist finishes for interior wood and furniture, wallpaper paste and primers. Its flagship product is Claypaint, an exciting alternative to emulsion, which provides a distinctive, ultra matt finish with great covering power and performance. Containing no oils or acrylics, Claypaint is virtually VOC free and does not give off any toxic emissions. That means it is safer for the health of building occupants as well as the environment. It is Ecolabel approved. Other Earthborn products include Ecopro Emulsions and Eggshell – high performance, low odour alternatives to conventional products and Ecopro silicate masonry system – a hardwearing, weatherproof, breathable alternative to modern masonry paints and traditional limewash. Earthborn has an outstanding colour palette. Bespoke shades can be developed through its nationwide network of stockists.

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