James Jones picks EGGER Protect for latest processing plant

structural flooring at its new secondary process- ing and treatment facility at Hangingshaw, near Lockerbie. The 20,000 square metre building is the size


of three football pitches, and the centrepiece of a recently completed £17 million development designed to increase the company’s production of fencing products. These include incised posts that have grown rapidly in popularity since James Jones launched them in 2013. “This is a less-common application of EGGER

Protect which is usually used in housebuilding,” said Alan White, Director of Sales for EGGER Building Products. “A market-leading structural flooring panel, Protect is made from our P5 flooring-grade chipboard with a durable, anti-slip, moisture-resistant surface layer. “This surface layer is applied to both the top and underside of the board, resulting in a product that offers protection from moisture penetration, not just during construction but for the life of the floor. Specifying EGGER Protect for this application also brings Health & Safety benefits, with the

Leading sawmiller and timber processor, James Jones & Sons Ltd, specified EGGER Protect for durable, non-slip

textured surface offering market-leading anti-slip characteristics as well as being hard-wearing and robust. When used with EGGER D4 Joint and Joist Adhesive as part of the EGGER Advanced Flooring System it also carries a unique lifetime guarantee. James Jones technical manager, Tobbe

Sandberg, added: “The 18 acre Hangingshaw development is a strategic investment for the company. This new facility is designed to enhance our position as of the UK’s biggest suppliers of sawn timber products including carcassing, fencing, pallet wood and heavy sections. “The secondary processing facility is central

to the production and storage of our fencing products and we were looking for a structural flooring board that not only had the technical properties we needed but an appearance that enhanced the look of our showpiece building. “We have installed EGGER Protect flooring on all of the high-level walkways and access platforms around the advanced production machines. It is durable, easy to install and keep clean and is not slippery even with moisture or sawdust on it. And, importantly, it also looks good!”

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Here to help customers grow

Freefoam highlights the updates and additions to its whole product range that have taken place over the last six months. The roofline range has had a boost with the addition of Anthracite Grey to the Round Rainwater system. With the continuing growth in grey across the window, door and roofline market this new product means suppliers can now offer both the Deep and Round gutter options to customers. The phenomenal demand for cladding shows no signs of slowing. Freefoam added a beautiful subtle grey green shade to its 170mm Weatherboard range called Sage Green. Appealing to those who want to achieve a traditional ‘heritage’ look but with the benefits of low maintenance PVC. Freefoam extended the Geopanel range adding new designs and colours including tile, slate and concrete effects. Freefoam has also added to its internal panelling range, launching Acrylic Panels. High quality, high specification panels suitable for kitchens and bathrooms in a contemporary colour range.

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StormCrate is a runaway solution

For a new housing development in Coventry, surface water management was a key consideration to prevent any future flooding. As part of the design strategy for the site, Brett Martin’s lightweight and easy to install StormCrates have been used to create an underground attenuation tank for the temporary storage of stormwater, reducing the demand on built drainage. Brett Martin provided O’Flanagan Homes with 180 StormCrates which were used to create a 54.5m3

underground storage tank,

constructed in three layers at a depth of two metres beneath the entrance road, to offset stormwater run-off from the developed area. StormCrates have a high void ratio of 95 per cent, which means that each crate is capable of storing up to 300 litres of water in the event of heavy rain. The use of StormCrates from Brett Martin has ensured this new housing development will have a proven rainwater attenuation solution, which will reduce demand on built drainage and the sewerage infrastructure.

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