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Hi there, my name’s Abram, and I’m one of the staff members involved at Ruby’s houses across South Australia.

I’ve seen a number of young people come in who are struggling with their home situation, and it gives me great joy to know that we can give them a helping hand to mend their broken relationships while giving them a homely place to stay.

Over the past 12 months we’ve had 68 young people enter the various Ruby’s houses. I’m pleased to say that we’ve been able to provide the support needed to return 90% of these young people to safe home environments.

Recently I worked closely with Beth*, a mother who engaged her 15-year-old son, Charlie*, to the program after their relationship had started to deteriorate.

With our counselling services, Beth and Charlie quickly identified that violence and a gaming addiction were issues causing stress in their relationship, and saw the need for change.

Through a series of mediation sessions and family dinners – where parents and other family members are invited into Ruby’s for the evening to share a meal with the young person – we were able to repair the relationship, and have Charlie move back home.

‘The progress he has made now is amazing. He is able to do other things again, rather than just play video games. He didn’t have a job when he went in, but after leaving he got a job, and started doing better in school and with friends.’

‘I attribute this to the help of Ruby’s; I feel much more peaceful and safe at home,’ says Beth.

Stories like these are extremely common at Ruby’s, and the smallest donations help them to take shape.

$20 is enough to put on a family dinner like the one that Beth and Charlie were part of.

$10 covers the cost of a basketball game that kids like Zak take part in.

The benefits of these games are far more than just playing a sport. I’ve seen first-hand the changes in Zak recently. He’s grown from a really reserved kid, to a very strong leader who is helping out others experiencing similar situations to what he has been through.

It might sound small, but instead of swearing on the basketball court, I see him channel his emotions through the game. He also connects a lot of situations and pressures in his personal life to basketball, and is able to handle them with maturity and leadership learned from the game.

Through your generosity, you have made such a difference in supporting young people and their families to stay connected and together.

These young people will now have the best opportunities for their future, and be supported moving forward.

Thank you. Abram

*These names have been changed to protect clients’ privacy

To make a donation today please call (08) 8202 5110 or visit Thank you so much for your generous support.

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Abram supports young people and their families to reconnect

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