Clare (left) is like a second mum to Hannah (right)

tly graduated their year-long training program to become fully certified.

Stuart remarked how the commitment of training was made far easier by the enthusiasm and passion of ‘like- minded people who are caring, compassionate and working for the same goal.’

The extensive number of role-plays done during training prepared him for the challenging calls he would receive from day one. There was a particular call from a new mum that has stuck with him.

‘I think she was quite young, and she had some challenges with post-natal depression. She just needed to talk to someone to discuss how to get through the next day because she hadn’t been sleeping. I hope I managed to help her get a good night’s sleep; and even weeks later, I think about her and hope she’s ok.’

This call from the young mum is just one of the 34,000 calls that are handled by highly trained Lifeline Adelaide volunteers every day, and without the continued generosity of people like you, we couldn’t do this vital work.

Stuart has a final message to anyone considering becoming a Lifeline Crisis Supporter themselves.

‘Give it a go! You will find it so rewarding, more than you could ever imagine. The support Uniting Communities provides is incredible. It’s like a family; whatever you are going through, they are there for you. You are never alone whilst doing it.’

So once again, a special thank you to everyone who donated to our tax time appeal. The money raised ensures that crucial training is given to volunteers, like Stuart, who will provide compassionate support for people during times of crisis.

Happy Hannah’s home away from home

Hannah is one of seven kids, which means sometimes her family home can feel like a bit of a ‘madhouse’.

Luckily, when it all gets too much, she can escape to North Brighton, where her affectionately titled ‘second mum’, Clare, welcomes her with open arms.

‘She’s just part of the family now,’ says Clare, who offers respite care to two other young people as part of Uniting Communities’ Homelink program.

‘Anything my family’s doing, she’s part of.’

Hannah loves staying with the family and taking part in routine activities, including walking the dog, visiting the beach, playing board games or going shopping or to cafes. Sometimes she even gets enough joy from simply sitting in front of the air-conditioner, which she describes as ‘heavenly’.

The situation has been a win for everyone involved.

Clare explains: ‘It worked out for me because I wanted a little bit of part-time work, and it’s great for the kids because they’ve grown up with people perhaps they wouldn’t generally meet, and it fosters understanding and tolerance.’

Thanks to kindness like yours, Uniting Communities is able to offer such a diverse range of socially valuable services, which helps people like Hannah to find greater connection with her community, enabling her to live a happier life.

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