Tilt & Turn Juliet Balcony from MACO - More Glass, Less Frame


ur systems utilises our MACO MULTI Matic tilt & turn allowing for Juliet Balcony door sets to be

produced with slim line sash and frame profiles which increases the amount of glass compared to standard Juliet balconies. Due to the increase of glass the amount of light that enters through slimmer doors is greatly increased as is the thermal efficiency when using this system. The hinges for this system are concealed meaning no unsightly flag hinges on both sashes. This benefits not only the design, which is further enhanced by the internal handles but also ensures easy installation as there plaster lines will not interfere with the hinges, further reducing the need for a larger outer frame of add on profiles for installation. The functional benefits of the MACO hinges used in this system are that they are designed to hold weights up to 180kg when steel reinforcements are used and run right into the corners. This enables big and heavy sashes to be utilised, the use of triple glazing and acoustic glass possible. This systems benefits also extend into the

security standards it achieves. Utilising our MACO i.S. Security Cam Technology the Tilt & Turn Juliet Balcony meets PAS24=2016 and EN 1627 - 1630 RC-2. Security is further enhanced as the system

does not require an external handle sets and profile cylinders, this also adds to the appeal of these doors by maintaining the slimline sight lines. Further features of the MACO i.S. Security Cam are: • No adjustments needed. Adapts automatically to the air gap (± 2 mm).

• Smooth-running due to highly rigid material and a slide coating.

• Can be combined with standard striker plates for non security applications or security striker plates for vulnerable applications.

• This system also meets Secure by Design approval and Doc Q requirements. MACO Juliet Balconies also offer the

added advantage the master door be tilted, allowing for a safe ventilation of the room. The master door can be left in the tilt mode allowing fresh air to enter whilst ensuring that the access to the balcony balustrade is blocked. When rooms are occupied both sashes can be fully turned to open in the turn

mode as a traditional Juliet balcony door set. Perimeter locking of both sashes of the Juliet Balcony ensure that the systems performs to the highest standards for both air and water permeability, further enhancing the energy saving that are possible through a slimline elegant design using modern materials. MACO Juliet Balcony fittings are suitable for PVCu and Timber, Timber/Aluminium Clad door systems and Aluminium profiles that contain a 16 mm wide Eurogroove.


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