Ubbink announces the end of dry verge installation problems


bbink has launched an all-new BS8612 compliant Ambi Dry Verge System designed to provide a clear and

simple installation procedure. Prior to the launch of the system, the Company undertook consultations with contractors nationwide, to fully understand widely reported issues regarding the installation of other currently available products. Ubbink’s new system now overcomes the

common problems which have resulted from poor design, over-complexity and a lack of

clarity regarding the installation procedure and the fixing of individual components. A key feature to this system is the mechanically fixed starter and eaves closure unit! This unit was designed to mechanically fix to the barge board, and can be fitted either before or after the gutter has been installed, overcoming a common problem reported with other systems. The Ubbink batten bracket is fitted to the face of the batten, allowing the verge unit to be fixed without screwing into the end of the batten giving a more secure reliable fixing. This bracket can also be used at the eaves starter where no barge board is fitted, or to the front of the fascia board if additional fixings are required at eaves for areas where extreme weather conditions may prevail. To allow a quick, simple install and gain a straight line, the bracket also has a built-in depth gauge, removing the need to extend the battens past the barge board so all can be cut flush. The ambidextrous unit’s suit most metric tiles and the thin leading edge tile, allowing easy purchasing and stocking – and ridge end caps are available to suit all common

concrete ridge tiles. The unit’s also include a water channel which prevent unsightly water staining, another well-known issue which needed addressing. Ubbink’s Technical Manager Keith Plummer,

said “Trials of the new system have been extremely positive, with contractors praising the design for at last providing a simple and clear-cut method of installation for a dry verge system.” Ubbink’s new Universal Dry Verge System

is available in grey, brown and terracotta now, from Roofing and Builders’ Merchants throughout the UK.

01604 433000

Cembrit slates guaranteed for 75 years

Roofing specialist, Cembrit, is now offering an impressive 75-year durability guarantee for its Glendyne natural slate range. Glendyne is a high-quality slate that combines first-class performance with all the inherent beauty of natural slate, making it the ‘natural’ choice for specifiers and roofers. Used on a number

of prestigious buildings and monuments around the world, Glendyne slates achieve innovative and imaginative designs. Available exclusively from Cembrit in the UK, Glendyne is a distinctive blue-grey colour. The range offers a quality alternative to Welsh Slate and is readily available. Door closer enhances high-rise fire safety

British designed and manufactured, Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers from Samuel Heath are gaining increasing popularity for use on fire doors in high-rise flats and apartments. The door closers carry the CE mark and have been independently tested and proved to meet the requirements for one hour and half-hour fire doors under BS EN 1634-1. Unlike other jamb-mounted devices, Powermatic door closers facilitate a door’s compliance with Approved Document M, neither do they have to be removed from the door to be adjusted. Powermatic is ideal for restricted door reveals and, thanks to the fact that it is totally concealed when the door is closed, helps retain the aesthetics of interiors and create a less institutionalised, more homely feel. Concealment also reduces the risk of the door closer being damaged through vandalism, misuse or tampering, which could render a fire door useless. It also means less maintenance call-outs and continued fire safety.

0121 766 4200 WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK Cavity Barriers protect against fire spread

According to Document B of the UK Building Regulations fire barriers must be installed in cavity areas that are vulnerable to the spread of fire. Using the correct passive fire cavity protection system within a building is crucial, in the event of a fire, intumescent fire barriers

activate and seal holes, penetrations and cavities, preventing the spread of fire and smoke, thereby fulfilling UK regulations. Standards and Regulations also stipulate that two storey buildings and above require cavity barriers to stop fire from spreading through walls, floors and cavities. The Envirograf® Cavity Barrier range fully satisfies the requirements stated in Document B of the Building Regulations.

01304 842555

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