NIBE increases product range

The demand for renewable heating solutions for our homes continues to gather pace with an ever increasing number of homeowners exploring the options available to them. In order to support this growth in demand, a leading manufacturer NIBE has added a new smaller model to it exten- sive range which will support new build and

smaller properties. The new, smaller heat pump offers the same product features as the established larger units such as compatibility with the VVM320 Indoor Module and SMO range of controllers. The F2040 is also a ideal size for complementing other energy sources for hybrid solutions and can be docked with an existing system such as an oil or gas boiler.

0330 311 2201 GeoCeramica® a game-changer for driveways

Brett Landscaping has introduced GeoCeramica®, a new product range which integrates porcelain with an innovative pre-bonded drainage mortar base. This brand-new development in paving vastly increases the ease-of- installation and long-term durability of

porcelain paving in the UK market. Inspired by nature, GeoCeramica® is available in four beautiful variations, each coming in several colours to provide maximum design flexibility from the driveway through to the garden. GeoCeramica® paving in 40mm is ideal for use on patio’s whilst the 60mm thickness allows for its use on driveways.

0845 6080570 Offsite Solutions’ first timber-framed scheme

Offsite Solutions, one of the UK’s leading bathroom pod manufacturer, has supplied the final batch of bathroom pods for its first timber-framed residential development. Under construction by the Hackwood Group, the Fleur-de-Lis development in Sandhurst

will provide 42 spacious retirement apartments set in landscaped gardens. The use of an offsite solution for bathroom construction reduces the number of activities and trades on site. This achieves significant programme savings, quality improvements and reductions in waste of up to 50 per cent compared to site-based construction. Offsite Solutions offers a range of bathroom pods to suit different building types and applications. TorFloor RdB chosen to heat renovated house

A recent renovation project carried out on an early 19th

century town house in

London’s fashionable Holland Park area, has made use of the innovative new TorFloor RdB system, manufactured by underfloor heating specialist, OMNIE. TorFloor RdB is a dry install where the panel doubles as

the structural decking. It also now forms part of OMNIE’s LayFast product offering: speeding up installation time and offering the potential for overall project cost reductions. Furthermore for retrofit situations, combining the structural deck and heating system into a single panel can save precious head height where floor-to-floor dimensions are restricted.

01392 363605

Wide soffit just got woodgrained!

Freefoam Building Products are delighted to announce the addition of four beautiful woodgrain finishes to its Wide 605mm Soffit Range. The wide General Purpose Board is becoming a popular choice on many contemporary house styles, and has been added to the range as part of Freefoam’s continuing support of our customers servicing the Housebuilder. The Freefoam woodgrain range is manufactured to last using Renolit Exofol MX foil that features Solar Shield Technology, a technology to provide built in UV protection, to reduce heat absorption, temperature build up and expansion. These properties allow Freefoam to offer a ten year guarantee on all woodgrain fascia and soffit. House builders are increasingly using colour to bring style and definition to developments. Freefoam made a commitment to colour right at the start of this trend embracing new ways of manufacture and ensuring that colour and woodgrain facia and soffit are available across the entire range.

01604 591110 WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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