event spotlight Play Big at Camp Atta Girl! W

omen from all over Cen-

tral Texas can fi nd their power, voice, strength, courage and laughter at Camp Atta Girl! which takes place 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., August 18 at Camp Lucy, in Dripping Springs. Camp Atta Girl! is a one-day retreat for women, fi lled with self-discovery, happiness, music, dancing and movement—all at a beautiful, fun and campy location. Camp Atta Girl! was created by Lisa Sullivan, a former

marketing executive. After Sullivan was laid off and facing uncertainty, she realized that she had been hiding behind fear for most of her life, afraid of what others would think. She took a leap, became certified in the science of happiness (proven tools to become happier in work and in life) and Let Your Yoga Dance, a beautiful practice of movement and music through the chakras. She then created Camp Atta Girl!, designed to help women play big, embrace their power and create a beautiful, vibrant life. “T e entire purpose of Camp Atta Girl! is to help women

reconnect with their wild and wonderful selves at a fun and ‘campy’ retreat. It’s time for women to shiſt their limiting beliefs and stop hiding their giſt s because of fear—whether it’s fear of what someone else might think about them or fear of failure, fi nances and more. Your looks, your weight, your job and other things don’t defi ne who you are,” says Sullivan. “It’s time to show the world the real you, fi nd your purpose and start shin- ing your light. Atta girl!”

Cost: $97 (includes camp shirt, lunch and handbook). Location: 3509 Creek Rd., Dripping Springs. For more information or to reg- ister, email or visit See ad, page 11.


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