f you don’t believe in the power of PR or aren’t convinced it’s right for your business, here are seven reasons which could change

your mind.

1. Credibility. Regardless of whether you achieve press coverage online or in print, it represents third-party endorsement, which significantly enhances the credibility of your service or product.

2.Articles Have A Long Shelf-Life. When a great story about your business is published, it lives on well beyond that particular publication. You can keep copies and include them in all of your marketing or as appendices in your bids and tenders.

3. The Online Footprint. The same can be said online. Articles that were published in print, are mostly available online forever, increasing your website relevance, but also appearing when potential clients are check- ing you out and searching for you online.

4. Positive Perception. Regularly being featured in the press eventually gets your name known to all the key people – people who may not be considering you now, but may well do in the future.

5. The ‘Who Are You?’ Factor. Even though you submit references and case studies in tendering, it can help your cause if the person looking at the bid already knows a bit about you.

6. Recruit Talent. Positive press coverage that establishes your business favourably will help you to attract the very best talent.

7. Bad Press. If you’re not in the PR game, you’re less ready and able to respond. How you address negative coverage can make or break you, and if you already have an estab- lished reputation, it’s far easier to recover. And on that last point, it really helps to have a

BLANCO UK gains ISO accreditation

The International Standardisation for Organisation (ISO) is committed to international standards to ensure quality, safety and efficiency amongst products and services. Now, BLANCO UK, the kitchen sink and tap specialist, has received ISO accreditation in the form of the ISO

9001:2015 Certificate. BLANCO passed a two-stage audit process, with the second stage completed on 23rd

March. This certification means that

BLANCO’s Quality Management System meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, guaranteeing that BLANCO’s products and services are fit for their purpose. Vortice introduces the new Vort HR 200 BP

Vortice has reintroduced its compact heat recovery unit – The Vort HR200 BP. There is a growing need for smaller heat recovery units with the increase in new build high rise apart- ment blocks and smaller dwellings and the Vort HR 200 BP provides the ideal solution. This centralised continuous mechanical supply and extract ventilation unit removes

stale air from the wet rooms and creates a permanent air path throughout the home. The unit has a fully automatic thermal bypass, frost protection and is quiet running. A sleek Italian design ensures that it matches other white goods whilst its compact size is perfect for fitting into cupboards.

01283 492949

good PR advisor on hand. Somebody who knows your company, your history and has been instrumental in the getting you your PR portfo- lio together. They can help you react and not only limit the damage in the event of a negative incident, but help you potentially come out of it much stronger. Sarah Reay is managing director of

Construction Marketing Experts, a full-service marketing consultancy.

0843 506 5202

Kaldewei NexSys opens new chapter

Kaldewei NexSys is a real shower surface revolution. The innovative 4-in-1 system consists of a waste channel, sloping support, sealing system and an enamelled shower surface enabling ultra simple and fast installation. The 4-in-1 system eliminates multiple installation steps. NexSys takes a completely new approach

to floor-level showers, perfectly combining two worlds: a seamless shower surface made of superior steel enamel with the design of a tiled shower area with a shower channel. The elegant design of the narrow waste channel, with a high-end designer cover made of brushed stainless steel, fits seamlessly into the shower surface’s overall minimalist look. The NEW Lo-Seal Trap from CCL Wetrooms

CCL Wetrooms, one of the UK’s leading Wetroom Specialists, are delighted to announce that their new Lo-Seal Waterless Trap, has received a British Board of Agrément (BBA) certificate following a comprehensive product testing programme. The new Lo-Seal

waterless trap at a cutting edge depth of only 45mm, has been developed specifically for use in wetroom construction projects with screed depths of below 70mm. Made from tough Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), the trap has an improved design which contains a self-sealing mechanism, which locks into position, keeping the trap sealed when not in use.

0844 327 6002 WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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