Boiling taps cut out the kettle without compromising on your tea-making regime. Taps such as Quooker’s utilise high- vacuum insulation to provide the exact amount of boiling water required for a cup of tea for a cost of just 3p per day: saving both water and electricity.


fridges, dishwashers and washing machines can be hidden from view entirely.

But the biggest step-change in kitchen

appliances is the advent of smart technology. Kitchens have long been a hub of technological advancement, as we look to increase efficiency and – now – to increase connectivity in every aspect of our lives.

Expect to see Wi-Fi operated kettles, pop-up plug sockets with USB points especially for charging phones, or even wireless charge points being built directly into the kitchen counters.

And as we all continue to seek out ways to keep our environmental impact down, kitchen features can lead the way here too.

As the hub of home-life, it’s no surprise that kitchen design often reflects trends seen in everything from fashion to high- end interior design. That’s certainly the case with copper and rose, two stylish contemporary tones that can add personality and a point of difference to your kitchen. For years, chrome, nickel, stainless steel and pewter have dominated when it comes to kitchen cabinet handles but the rise in popularity of rose gold and copper elsewhere in the home means that interest is building in these modern metallics in the kitchen too.

Rose gold or copper handles, combined with sinks and taps, add a contemporary twist that stands out from the crowd and works especially well as a point of contrast with the dark hued blue or black cabinets that are also on trend. Lighting has an important role to play when it comes to creating the ideal atmosphere in the kitchen. Concealed

Keller Kitchens for the best delivery times

Keller Kitchens not only produces beautiful, smart kitchens, the company also boasts fantastic customer service when it comes to delivery times. Keller Kitchens are manufactured in its own factory in The Netherlands, meaning that the quality of materials and parts are of the highest standard and can be shipped to the customer with ease.

Keller is meeting the market’s demand for quality kitchens delivered to customers’

homes in record time. For more information on Keller’s stunning and modern kitchens then please visit the website where you can request to download a brochure. The ultimate innovation in stainless steel

, which is twice as strong as conventional stainless steel worktops. Durinox®

BLANCO UK has developed a durable stainless steel worktop material, BLANCO Durinox®

is available in any STEELART worktop size. Resistant to scratches and fingerprints, the velvety-matt surface can be integrated with the new BLANCO ZEROX range of sinks which are also available in a Durinox®

seven brand new models to the ZEROX range of sinks; all are compatible with the Durinox®

ZEROX 500 IF, ZEROX 500 IF/A, ZEROX 700 IF and ZEROX 700 IF/A.

may/june 2018 49 surface: ZEROX 340 IF, ZEROX 400 IF, ZEROX 400 IF/A,

lighting is a major trend in kitchen design, adding depth and interest to surfaces and cabinets.

Strip lighting can be included

throughout the kitchen, including underneath wall cabinets, along the bottom of floor cabinets to create floor- level lighting, and even at the edges of drawers which can help to illuminate dark areas of the kitchen.


While homeowners often want to see a physical kitchen design before they make their decision, many people have a good idea in mind of what they want before they set foot in a showroom.

Giving customers the option to use an online kitchen planning tool on their own tablet or laptop means that customers are in control, and can virtually create their own kitchen space long before the real- world version needs to take shape. Those planning a new kitchen can feel

free to explore the options online using an online design service to test out different cabinet designs and colour combinations to create a space that suits their home and their needs with the ideal blend of form and functionality.

Kat Jacklin is a blogger for Howarth Timber’s website

surface. The integration of the sink with the worktop is jointless and so creates a seamless appearance. BLANCO introduces

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