DOORS, WINDOWS & CONSERVATORIES SUPPLEMENT Recent additions to product range

Urban Front are designers and manufacturers of contemporary, steel reinforced, hardwood front and garage doors and a range of internal doors. We are very proud to be designed and made in Britain. Recent additions to our product range include bronze or metal finished doors, oversized doors up to 1.5m x 3.2m and various other bespoke options to include specialist locking and detail. We also have a sister company selling our handles separately.

We offer a RIBA certified CPD and Blogs, you can read all about these on our website. For any other details, please email or call us. Genesis Collection sash windows | flush casements | sliding doors | bi-folding doors Schueco’s new panoramic sliding door

The Genesis Collection is a suite of traditional timber-alternative PVC-U windows and doors, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Stylish, secure and warm, the range includes sash windows, traditional flush casements, bi-folding doors and sliding patio doors, guaranteed to enhance any home.

The Genesis Collection... It’s the attention to detail that makes the difference.

One of the leading sustainable building envelope specialist Schueco UK has just launched a new version of its highly successful ASS 77 PD panoramic door system. Designated the Schueco ASE 67 PD, the new door provides the same minimal sightlines with an outer frame that remains concealed in the building structure, resulting in a huge panoramic area of clear glass. It offers a number of additional benefits. The door can now be configured in a variety of opening combinations utilising

two, three or four leaves, each up to 3.2 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. The Schueco ASE 67 PD door is available in two options with different outer frames. For more information contact Schueco. Designer selects steel entrance screen 0800 138 38 38

@TheGenesisRange 32 TheGenesisRange

Architects – and TV shows! – talk about using large scale glazing "to let the outside connect with the inside" of a property, but one design professional has specified a high-performance, triple glazed composite screen from a member of the Steel Window Association to ensure the heat inside does not escape to the outside. And similarly, the stylish assembly was chosen to keep extraneous noise out of her beautifully refurbished and extended North London home. The screen, which comprised five

separate elements, was produced using W40 sections with the proportions being optimised in terms of appearance and the physical limits imposed by incorporating triple glazing. may/june 2018 Bi-fold doors from Duration

With Duration’s Emperor Concealed Aluminium Bi-folding doors there are no unsightly hinges breaking up the clean lines of the doors. When closed, the cleverly engineered patented hinges are fully concealed within the door leaf, resulting in a contemporary, clean and aesthetically pleasing bi-fold door. The Emperor Concealed Bifold doors are not only thermally efficient and strong, but they are also highly secure and have passed PAS 24:2012 for enhanced security. Constructed

from a low maintenance polyamide thermally broken aluminium profile, these doors will create an open, flexible, modern space for both living and working environments.

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